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Wise Ways with Water

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For many Chinese people, water is synonymous with money. And indeed, there are many notable examples of how the right use of water in feng shui practices has elevated mere wealthy to full-fledged wealthy status. Common examples include waterfalls, yang water features, and water motifs on the walls and decorations of the site.

But let’s not forget that water is also the element that can pose the greatest danger. The water hexagram “Kan” certainly signifies danger first. Translated as “abyss” in many texts, it generally symbolizes misfortune (middle yang line) trapped in matter (two yin lines). Kan’s hexagram is also a symbol of the soul. The soul flows like a river from the source of the mountain to the sea, where it dies and becomes a cloud, and is reborn in the mountain as rain. The motive is danger and abyss.

So how do you correctly activate the immense wealth-giving power of water and avoid taboos at the same time?

1. Identify and activate your WATER STAR 8

To identify your water star 8, you need to plot your home or office natal chart. This method of Feng Shui is known as Flying Stars and requires a very precise orientation of the house/building to derive the correct natal chart. This article is too short. I will give you an in-depth lesson about flying stars, but you can also read: Lillian Too’s Flying Star Feng Shuiapproach any world of feng shui Sales staff to help identify the right sector or self-study Flying Stars Lillian Too’s Flying Star Feng Shui Online Course.

Once you’ve found the best water area, place your Yang Water Bowl there. The best kind is Features of Rolling Ball Water, which represents not only money, but also high sales and turnover.Make sure you always have water positive waterIn other words, it moves the water, so choose the spinning ball feature, fountains, aquariums, waterfalls, and more. However, be sure to use the one with the pump. If you don’t see results after 2 weeks, your natal chart may be calculated incorrectly. So you should check your natal chart and try again.

please do not worry. Feng Shui is scientific. If you don’t seem to get results, your implementation may be off by a few degrees. Please try again. When things start to go well, you’ll feel good about your hard work.

2. Keep the arowana in the property corner

Arowana is one of the most powerful energizers of wealth and luck. Many tycoons swear by it. Those he should keep by one, five or nine. If you keep multiple tanks, you need to make sure the tanks are large enough. If you don’t, you might get into fights (not less likely to generate good chi). Arowanas can be kept in the southeast, east, or north Waterstar 8 sector of your home or office. To find the correct compass direction, stand in the middle of the room and look at the direction.

However, here are some tips when breeding this amazing dragonfish. Do not try to feed them live. There is a myth that arowana grows healthier when fed juicy live goldfish. They are just myths! Feeding Arowana with live fish creates negative karma. It is much better to teach young arowanas to live on frozen worms…I have seen many such arowanas that grow as beautiful (if not more beautiful) than live fish eating arowanas. I came.

3. Avoid splashing water overhead

As stated in the Book of Changes, there are great dangers on the water. Therefore, never sleep with water on your head. Do not hang water paintings on the wall above your sleeping area. I know of so-called incidents. feng shui consultant We recommend painting a waterfall on the wall above your bed headboard. His logic was that it symbolized water that would bring much wealth to the bed’s occupants while they slept. This only prevented his clients from getting enough sleep, and in fact his clients were lucky not to have an accident. Insomnia disappeared as soon as I removed the watercolors.

Similarly, having a pool on the roof is also very dangerous. This used to be common practice in high-rise buildings, especially in urban hotels and resorts, so it somehow made sense to have a pool on the roof and enjoy the sky and the sunshine while swimming. rice field. Here is another feng shui taboo that has caused many companies to go bankrupt.

4. Never display water where the MOUNTAIN STAR 8 is installed.

Your Mountain Star 8 is one of the most auspicious stars in your Flying Star natal chart, as is your Water Star 8. This planet brings good luck in the form of good relationships with family, colleagues, friends and business associates. It also brings good luck for family health and longevity.

However, if the Mountain Star 8 sector has a water feature, the Mountain Star fall into the water. Your luck in this field will be destroyed and you will face health and relationship problems. Relationship problems can come in all sorts of ways, from misunderstandings with bosses, co-workers, and subordinates, to arguments with spouses and children, to being unpopular with co-workers. In homes with elderly people, if Yamaboshi 8 falls into the water, health luck and longevity luck will decrease, so it is dangerous. To find your Yama Star 8, plot your natal chart according to Flying Star Feng Shui.

5. Never place a water supply on the right side of the front door

This is the most commonly reported cause of husbands going astray. If there is a case where a husband is having an affair with another woman, chances are good that you will find the tap to the right of her front door (when looking from the inside out). The worst kind of water feature to make her husband’s wandering eyes even worse is a submerged pond or pool. These are also the most difficult things to change. When a die-hard pond lover or fish lover refuses to “close” their favorite pond, despite its negative feng shui influence, not only does it create a womanizing husband, it It often ends up not being there. With such water taboos, divorce is also not out of the question.

Another solution, if you can’t move or close the pond anyway, is to move the front door. But whatever steps you take, if you care about your well-being, you have to make sure you don’t hold onto this kind of water taboo for too long. marriage.

6. Northern Water Increases Career Potential

For those with careers, northern waters are a great source of energy for career advancement. The northern sector, which governs business luck, also features the element of water. Place a fish tank or other bubbly water facility in the north to activate work luck. If you can’t use real water, you can substitute blue or black colors or artwork featuring water.

7. Use water to absorb bad vibrations

Water is the single most effective remedy for absorbing bad qi and energy. Check your Flying Star natal chart if you think you have a lot of fights in your home. He could be a 2/3 or 3/2 combination of a quarrelsome girlfriend in one of the rooms where you spend a lot of time (such as the living room or dining room). In that case, Yin water therapy here. A great way to nourish yin water is with water in a lacquer bowl. not yet water. Change the water regularly to prevent mosquito breeding. However, the water should be calm, free of bubbles or movement, and free of fish and creatures.

8. Southeast and East Waters Bring Growth Energy

The southeast and east sectors are both timber sectors. Therefore, both benefit from water because water makes trees (plants, trees) grow. The southeast governs family prosperity and material wealth (eight wishes theory), while the east governs health and family problems.

By putting Water features In the East and Southeast, it introduces growth energy into the home. This will help your child grow up to be a healthy young man with the right values, your business or career will thrive, and your horizons for achievement will expand.

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