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Why Your Holistic Space Needs Art

by Contributing Author

Art may not be the first thing you think of when designing an overall space, but it actually plays a very important role on many levels. But its effect on design is far more objective and global. Adding the perfect piece to your home can bring your area together in so many ways.

balance the five elements

We’ve mentioned art many times as one of the easiest ways to balance the five elements in any space. Each element is associated with a specific area of ​​the Feng Shui Bagua and is symbolized by a specific shape, color, and subject matter, so your choice of artwork can incorporate one or more of the five elements. . for the earth You can add earthy colors like browns, oranges, yellows, and squares. for metallook for metallic colors, whites, greys, and circles. for waterchoose dark blue and black colors and wavy shapes. for woodselect green, blue, columnar shapes and finally, for firelook for red and triangular shapes.


Several types of sacred art can be viewed and contemplated in meditation. Yantra mandalas, for example, are created by actually meditating, but can also be the visual focus of your meditation practice. Sacred art is often created with mantras and symbolism.At an event I once attended Rubin Museum Known as “Dream Over”. The museum hosts this event where attendees are assigned a piece of art to contemplate for the night. Participants are invited to meditate, read bedtime stories, sleep under a work of art of their choice, and dream. Art is a great way to guide meditation and open your mind to inspiration and creativity. what drives you? Look for it in your art work.

add nature

The best way to add nature to your space for feng shui adjustments is with live plants, but sometimes that option isn’t viable. You may have a black thumb or a noisy pet (or child). In this case, choosing artwork depicting nature can be a great alternative. Pay attention to the colors of the art and match them to your particular room’s feng shui needs.

Add color without painting

Similarly, it’s often not possible to paint a space, such as when renting an apartment. In this case, artwork serves as a way to add color and brighten a room without breaking the terms of the lease. You can also paint with one solid color for a big pop.

nurture inspiration

One of the reasons for making a space holistic is to provide nourishment and inspiration for its residents.some posts and podcast About how to turn your space into inspiration. One easy way to do this is with art. One of the best things about art is that it can be interpreted in many ways and encourages creative thinking.find a work called encourage you to work towards your goalscreating more art, spending more time in creative outlets, etc.

reinforce the purpose of the room

We mentioned earlier that it’s important to keep each room’s needs in mind when choosing art. You can also use this to your advantage! Designs often aim for a particular feel or aura in a particular room. For example, the bathroom is often the place of relaxation and the bedroom the place of passion. Adding curated artwork helps establish these objectives. Before you look at the art, consider what you want to inspire each room in your space and find pieces that match that feeling!

Whether you create your own art, find art that speaks to you, or commission a personal piece, incorporating artwork into your space can go a long way toward making your home a holistic home. . If you are looking for artwork, Holistic Space Mandala Or contact your favorite artist below.

Amy T. Wong
Mavis Gewand
Carmen Mensink
Karl Lorentzen

Ange Cho

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