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Why You Need to Eat Seasonal Food (and how to get started)

by Contributing Author

For Your Body and Your Community:

When it comes to our diet, it’s important to cross-think:

  • what is your goal?
  • How do certain foods make you feel?
  • What does your overall health and medical history look like?
  • What kind of food is easy for you to get?

I would like to say a few words about the last.I’ve grown accustomed to having a large grocery store that is virtually stocked. Any The ingredients we were hoping to find kept many of us out of touch with the concept of seasonal food. Many of us are unaware of which fruits and vegetables are the freshest from season to season. , making it more difficult to practice mindful eating.

We have plenty of fresh ingredients for autumn. And here’s why you should take advantage of it:

5 Reasons to Eat Seasonal Ingredients

  1. that’s what your body needs just now. Our bodies are very seasonal, and foods harvested at their peak retain many of the vital nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy at certain times of the year. For example, October through winter is when your body needs vitamin C the most to ward off cold and flu season.
  2. It will taste better. Produce harvested at its peak retains more of its flavor profile, resulting in a tastier dish. By committing to eating seasonally, you can ensure that your fruits and vegetables will taste their best.
  3. cost effectiveEating seasonally also saves money. This is thanks to simple economics. When food is in season, more food is more widely available, lowering his price per pound in stores. Seasonal ingredients imported from overseas are expensive.
  4. It’s better for the environment. Seasonal produce has a lower carbon footprint because it requires less transportation and refrigeration from farm to table.
  5. It helps your community. Most of the seasonal ingredients are locally sourced and the best place to find them is your local farmers market. Buying seasonal produce is a great way to stay connected with your community and support the people who work so hard to make sure they have something to eat every day.

With butternut squash season just kicking off, it’s a great time to pick up this beautiful, vibrant, and nutritious vegetable at your local store. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium, it’s a great source of immune-boosting beta- and alpha-carotene.

What’s your favorite seasonal food? Hit us up on Insta and let us know.i want to hear from you @FitMenCook!

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