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Why Transitional Design Is the Future, According to Shea McGee from Netflix’s “Dream Home Makeover”

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If there’s one thing Shea McGee can recommend, it’s to blend the two styles. The designer co-hosted her Netflix’s “Dream Home Makeover” with her husband Syd McGee and seeks to imbue all her work with elements of her transitional design. This effect allows you to create a cozy, classic and truly timeless atmosphere in your home.

“I like so many different things that I am flexible. . “That’s how I approach design. I’ve always approached it in terms of mixing and matching styles, and I love that push and pull.”

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This style is especially evident in one particular episode of “Dream Home Makeover,” but in this season 3 episode of “Granny Chic,” she remodeled a home for her elderly mother and middle-aged son. The McGees updated the home for their son, but included a classic look for his mother.

“I love traditional pieces paired with more modern lighting fixtures, or vice versa,” said Shea. “I think it’s more cohesive and allows the house to evolve over time.”

Shea has also noticed a growing interest in traditional designs and believes that trend will continue in 2023. “But I also think it’s been done in a new way. It’s very layered, patterny and a little preppy.” More than anything, she noticed people were experimenting with traditional designs.

“I think that’s a good thing about design,” she added. “People are really just listening to their gut instead of just following one style trend.”

“Dream Home Makeover” is streaming on Netflix.

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