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White Cottage Farm Kitchen Reno – The Brick Stove Cove Start

by Contributing Author

This is a recent kitchen remodel. I always knew it was coming “later,” but I didn’t know exactly when or how. She’s been living in this house for 6 years this spring, but before we started the adoption process and before we had our baby, we wanted it to be functional and beautiful, so we remodeled this kitchen to make it brighter and brighter. , modern. We have a beautiful baby coming into our home and she’s four years old, so we’re thrilled to make this kitchen the one we’ve always dreamed of. The previous renovation was a lot of demos and trade-offs, but now we’ve changed the layout, added walls, opted for more permanent fixtures and materials, and learned what we want over the last six years. I have it working in a way.

“Stove Cove” before built-in:

Stove cove after building the shell:

Brick Stove Cove:

Brick packing method:

All we dreamed about was an old stove. We wanted a large stove that looked old, old, or a great statement piece in the kitchen, an heirloom, and one that would last a lifetime. Well we found it. We’ll talk more about that hunt later, but for now let’s take a look at this Stove Cove. I named this “Stove Cove” because I built it to house my new stove when I put it back together. .We traveled to pick stone & we landed on bricks from Belden Brick Supply [for all my local friends]You can see more about bricks and options [HERE] on my Instagram. But we eventually landed on this reclaimed historic brick that fits his 1800s farmhouse perfectly and really helped set the overall tone of our vision for this home. Historical material, tons of textures, and lots of characters.

As of today, the progress of “Stove Cove” is…

Masons started this project just before the weekend. It will probably be finished by the weekend. They’re working in “Stove Cove,” and will also be laying bricks on the floor of the Butler Pantry, tied to “Stove Cove,” right next door. The brickwork for ‘Stove Cove’ isn’t finished yet, but we’re sharing some things the masons have done so far to make it look like this area has always been here while still using thin brickwork. I think that I want to do it.

How to make bricks look historical:

-Masons use reclaimed bricks that are removed from old buildings, collected and cut into thin bricks. Brick Name: Chicago Reclaimed Bricks from Pine Hole Bricks.

・The pieces that are usually thrown away are mixed with the pattern to create a cohesive look. The masons said that when demolishing the old building, they used small pieces so there was no waste. Love the way it looks!

– The mason added a ‘nailer board’ as we call it on the back wall between the bricks of one of the rows. 100-year-old houses and buildings had these boards in their bricks for hanging and supporting things. This board fits in this space and is very useful.

– We wrap bricks around corners, ledges, etc. to make the bricks look like real size bricks. More on that later.

There are some updates and photos here, but we’ll be back very soon with our progress on the ‘Stove Cove’ and Butler Pantry bricks. I really can’t wait to share with you the process of pouring my soul into this home. Thank you.xx

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