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Where To Put Your Air Fryer In Your Kitchen: Stop The Guesswork!

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Having trouble finding the perfect spot for your air fryer in your kitchen? In this ultimate guide, learn exactly where to place your Air His fryer in your kitchen for the perfect access to healthier (crisp!) meals every day. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to the right place for this handy kitchen appliance. let’s start…

In recent years, karaage has become more and more popular, healthier way to cook For traditional frying.

While an air fryer is a very useful piece of cooking equipment (it crisps up quicker than an oven), it’s so bulky to place that many people are confused about where to put it.

As someone who loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen, finding the perfect location for all the handy appliances we have was one of the things I really struggled with.

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I wanted them all to be easily accessible and ideally usable where they were placed, but on the other hand I didn’t want them to make the space look cluttered.

There were many options I tried, some better than others, but they all had their pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at the options for where to place kitchen utensils in the kitchen. Specifically, the fryer in this example. Let’s see which option is best for you and your home.

Putting things in the right place is a small change to putting things in the right place, but it can make a big difference in how you feel when using them – it’s so worth it!

Shall we go…

Factors to consider when choosing a location for your air fryer

your air fryer Proper placement is essential for safety, efficiency, and ease of use.

Note: These factors must be considered if the fryer is to be stored where it will be used, or if it will be stored in a different location than where it will be used.

air fryer size

Just like putting anything in its proper place in your home, you should pay attention to its dimensions.

After all, it’s okay to feel that a place is in a certain place if it doesn’t fit the place.

So, we take measurements for your air fryer so that you can choose the right location.

Tips: If you are currently looking to buy an air fryer, or are looking to upgrade in the near future and have a specific place to store it, the best air fryer based on these size restrictions help you choose. the one that’s right for you.

available storage

Another important factor to consider is the available storage space in your kitchen.

If your kitchen is small or has limited kitchen space (no kitchen counter space, no pantry, minimal cupboards, etc.), you need to be creative with where you place your air fryer. There may be

Not only that, but you need to make sure it’s easily accessible from the location you choose. air fryer It can be used frequently without hassle and can be easily put back (if you need to move it).

space in use

When using an air fryer, you need to make sure it has enough space to function properly.

Make sure the location you choose has easy access to power sockets, and that the power cord is out of the way (e.g. if you want it on a surface, which means the wires will be dragged, not a good option). not). above the sink).

Finally, even if you keep it where you use it, you still need to move it from time to time. Consider how easy it is to move and clean your air fryer after use.

Safety in use

Finally, safety is paramount when choosing a location for your air fryer.

Make sure the location you choose has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating (which can be hot) and fire hazards. This means leaving at least 5 inches of space on all sides.

Additionally, make sure the fryer is placed on a stable and level surface to prevent accidents – it is heat resistant.

surface black air fryer

Possible Air Fryer Locations – Including Pros and Cons

With all the above considerations in mind, now is the fun part! Decide where it will best be placed in your kitchen.

These are the best options and show why they may or may not work in your space.

#1 – Worktop / Countertop

The most common place to put an air fryer is a worktop or kitchen counter.

Strong Points:

  • Easy to access and use
  • It is convenient for cooking because it can be placed next to kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens and toasters.
  • No need to move to another position or lift to use the air fryer


  • Take up valuable counter space
  • It can clutter your worktop and make it look unattractive
  • Finding a suitable power outlet nearby can be difficult
White air fryer where chips are being cooked

#2 – Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a great place to put an air fryer, given a few things.

Strong Points:

  • There are spaces on all sides, so it is well ventilated.


  • Bulky items can clutter the room
  • It does not get in the way of small children and may be difficult to reach when using.
  • I need a power socket on the island so I don’t have to drag wires across the wall which is a tripping hazard.

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#3 – Inside a Cabinet or Drawer

If you have limited counter space in your kitchen, consider storing your air fryer in a cabinet or deep drawer.

Strong Points:

  • Keeps the air fryer out of sight when not in use
  • maximize counter space
  • Protects the air fryer from dust and dirt


  • It can be inconvenient to use because you have to lift the air fryer to get it in and out.
  • Additional installation may be required, such as pull-out shelves within cabinets

#4 – In the Pantry

If your kitchen has a walk-in pantry, consider storing your air fryer there.

Strong Points:

  • Keeps the air fryer out of sight when not in use
  • Maximize any counter space
  • Protects the air fryer from dust and dirt


  • Getting the air fryer in and out of the pantry can be difficult
  • May require additional installation such as pull-out shelves

#5 – Consider Putting It On A Rolling Cart

Placing the appliance on a trolley or cart is the ideal solution for many reasons.

Strong Points:

  • Can create additional work surface space
  • You can hide the trolley when you don’t need it and roll it out when you need it.


  • When rolling out, the power socket must be safely accessible so that it can be rolled up.
  • A trolley may not be as sturdy as a worktop. Or it’s not safe in terms of putting electrical appliances or hot things on it.
  • Floor space should be reserved so that the kitchen is not cluttered.

Where you should never store your air fryer

  • Do not use fryer in poorly ventilated areas, such as in cupboards or drawers.
  • Stay away from combustible surfaces such as tablecloths, tea towels, and paper towels.
  • Don’t store it too high or too low, hard to reach or use. It may help accidents happen at some point in the future.
White air fryer where chips are being cooked

Other considerations when installing an air fryer

First, air fryers produce hot air when in use.

Not only can this damage the surface it is placed on over time, but it can also be a fire hazard if the surface has flammable material (paper/fabric) on it.

Additional measures may need to be taken (as with those involving heating elements) to prevent this. heat resistant mat (a silicone mat is suitable) or a stand.

Second, where are the accessories stored?

An air fryer has a few things that come in handy together. air fryer basket.

When choosing where to place your air fryer, make sure it can be placed near these items as well.

Ideally, you should create a small zone to place all the items you need in your air fryer.

Finally – your decoration

Does the air fryer look good in your chosen position?

If your kitchen is very traditional, it might seem strange to see modern sleek black and chrome machines on display. white stuff It will work.

If possible, make sure it matches your kitchen style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Fryer Storage


You now have a wide variety of options for where to place your air fryer in your kitchen.

Many of these ideas can be used for any kitchen appliance, but air fryers are not only electrical but also hot items, so make sure safety is properly considered.

The important thing to remember is to always put it on a fire or heat resistant surface, have good ventilation and keep it out of reach of small children.

Better be safe than sorry!

We hope these ideas help you decide where to put your fryer – and happy cooking!

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