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When to Use an Ottoman | Design Tip!

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One of the most sought-after furniture links in our home is the bonus room ottoman. I don’t blame you one bit because it’s one of my very favorite pieces.The unfortunate part is where I bought it shop amber interioris a unique piece, but luckily I have collected many other great ottomans.

Sectional | | rug | | faux fur blanket | | sherpa blanket | | olive tree | | Desk lamp

I love having an ottoman (rather than a coffee table) in my lounging room because it’s nice to kick my feet and “unload.” It’s also great if you have kids (and babies) so they don’t bump into hard coffee table edges. Chris would often bring a tray of goodies or his board of charcuterie and we put it on top.

This is what used to be in the basement family room.

family room ottoman

basement with ottoman

Sectional | | rug | | curtain | | curtain rod | | floor lamp | | olive tree

I don’t think I could part with this ottoman. The perfect size and quality materials make it perfect for incorporating different textiles and patterns into any space.

Combining new textiles, patterns, colors and finishes

leather ottoman

rug | | swivel chair | | navy sofa | | Ottoman Empire | | floor lamp | | olive tree | | Side table

Using an ottoman to introduce new materials, textures, or colors is a great way to make a room feel more cohesive and purposeful. So I added a camel leather ottoman for better balance. The pattern of the diamond bunch is also new and fresh!

If your furniture is neutral, bring in a colored or patterned ottoman for a change of mood. Alternatively, if you have a lot of soft materials, you can combine different materials with metal or wooden legs on the ottoman. I feel like no room is complete without wood, brass, black, colors, patterns and neutral elements.

In addition, you can freely stack books on the ottoman and arrange baskets and trays. It’s soft enough to rest your feet on and relax, but sturdy enough to use as a hard surface. I love layered spaces.

think outside the living room

chandelier | | Ottoman Empire | | cabinet knobs

Ottomans aren’t just for living rooms and family rooms! This leather ottoman lived in our bedroom closet for a while and was very functional! I’m hesitant to admit… Oops! Bad habits are hard to break. It also feels like it’s really in the center of space and grounded.

Besides large closets, the ottoman can also be placed in bedrooms, entrances as benches, or even in large open bathrooms!

bench as ottoman

navy sofa | | bench | | leather ottoman | | vase

Can be used as a bench or an ottoman. We did this and I like how the bench tends to mimic the more rectangular shape of the sofa.It’s very practical and shows that you can be creative with your furniture.

Hopefully this has been insightful and educational and has inspired you to think outside the traditional coffee table placement in your living space. We’ve found some beautiful and versatile coffee tables in every price range to liven up your home. Let us know what you think!

Ottoman Summary

1. linwood cube bench $185
2. tyson modular ottoman $249
3. Abraham Wool Footstool $486
Four. pompiliana upholstered round $459
Five. Striped Round Hyacinth & Seagrass $481
6. upholstered tufted $582
7. Negley Ottoman $589
8. Jacqueline Haussmann $609
9. Curio Ottoman $814
Ten. Fraser Ottoman $850
11. Arroyo Ottoman $899
12. Mackay Osman $900
13. melbourne ottoman empire $1099
14. Britton Osman $1199
15. lone ottoman $1200
16 Tufette Ottoman $1695

see ottoman

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