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What’s in Your First Aid Kit?

by Contributing Author

Marrying a Marine Corps veteran comes with a lot of perks… which means Jose literally jumps at every opportunity to fold the laundry, make the bed, iron everything. You should see his folded fitted sheet, it’s amazing. He told Kopi that in a few years he would teach them what an athletic meet was, so enjoy it now. All of this also comes with (sometimes) excessive preparation and safety. It’s been safer since we welcomed the baby home, and it’s been even safer since we added the pool. However, as we continue to expand our home and farm, we strive to make sure we have a first aid kit just a few steps away from our common areas. We have first aid kits in our homes, greenhouses, garages and offices, and first aid kits for people and livestock in our barns. Well, when I finished the pool house, I realized that I didn’t have many first aid kits specifically for the pool area. I mean, the home first aid kit is just a few steps away, but there are others I would say, so it’s usually nice to have the untouched ones. Being so active, we learned what our true nature is: fast-moving people. I’m sure all the other one-of-a-kind items are ready, but I asked on social media what’s in the first aid kit? There are many experienced parents, nurses, doctors, veterinarians and police officers out there, but we wondered if anyone had unusual necessities.

Shockingly, we created the first ever pet first aid kit for bears, bears and barn cats. I have a few things in my dog ​​drawer, but I realized I needed to have a first aid kit in case my dog ​​had an accident. We ran to Walmart to collect all the supplies we needed to make two new first aid kits. Jose likes to use sturdy, weatherproof ammo cans in his first aid kit. He likes being able to grab it and throw it in the back of a tractor or golf cart. He works perfectly even when bumped. Here are some of the items we have in our first aid kits…

In typical Liz-Marie fashion, we can’t just put down an ammo can filled with the essentials of a first aid kit…not the pool area lol. Adding a little vintage flair to the outside of the ammo can is her DIY perfect for darker days. You can see how I arranged them and the project.http://www.instagram.com/lizmariegalvan (Link), it was a fun little craft we tried to tell the story. If you don’t have your own first aid kit yet, or if you have more experience than we do, this article is for you and your family to see if there’s something you’re missing or a product you might like more. I hope it helps you gather what you need for. Let us know on social media. Instagram & Facebook. Thank you very much for visiting my blog today and every other day. Blogs are really meaningful to us.

xx liz marie

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