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What’s Been Going on With the Landscaping?

by Contributing Author

Those of you who follow us on Instagram may have noticed that the front yard has been demolished since December. It all started with wanting to extend the driveway as traffic was becoming a bottleneck. He also wanted to remove some trees and switch up the landscaping to let more sunlight in through the front windows and show off a little more of the beautiful curb appeal.Finishing this project is on his 2023 projects list It was in There were quite a few obstacles, but it’s finally done!



This last photo was taken in May 2021 when I bought the house, and I can’t believe it’s all green and full again in just two months. So, I can’t wait to update you with a complete exterior house tour.



I used to have a lot of thick, mature landscaping, but now I really enjoy how everything is neat and tidy. Obviously some people would prefer the way it was before, but backing out of the driveway always feels like going through a forest with no guarantees that branches won’t scrape your car!

At one point, when everything was torn apart, I thought, ‘Oh, what have we done? Feeling. We had a clear vision and were excited about the whole landscaping plan, but when they started removing all the mature greenery we felt like we made a big mistake! Like when it was muddy. What we liked when we moved in was all the mature trees. , this time it worked better than expected.



Now let’s talk about these cute little bushes that line our driveway. This instagram reel changed everything. All 130 boxwood trees were lined up and ready to be planted, according to HOA Landscaper Insights. Obviously that’s not what you want to hear when you’ve spent thousands on these plants that are about to fall to the ground.Normally I’m not one to let public opinion shake my vision I’m not the most knowledgeable about plants!

So we made the difficult but necessary decision to return 130 boxwoods and replace them with compact Japanese holly. They are probably really low maintenance, can tolerate both full sun and partial shade, and can be pruned and shaped. This is what I am most excited about! Oh, they grow so fast, I wonder what they will look like in a year.

I still have a few mature boxwood plants on either side of the front driveway opening but would like to know if it causes any problems with them. Doesn’t it look very nice?




Throughout this landscaping process we learned that our landscapers are not landscapers or botanical experts. I was. I wanted them to hold my hand a little bit and guide me whenever I needed to make a decision, but that wasn’t their job. was to do Realizing that allowed me to release some of the frustrating emotions, and instead thanked them for turning so quickly and working so hard to carry out their plans. We are here!

And speaking of boxwood! 😅 I had to replace some boxwood trees in my backyard. We’ll give them a little more time and patience to prove themselves, but I can’t help but think they’ll inevitably trade in compact Japanese holly.

In other backyard news, everything is growing pretty beautifully! It’s really nice to see green grass.



Clearing out some of the overgrown areas of the front and back yards made everything feel tidy and simple. If anything, the mature trees feel even bigger and grander, and with some of these new plants, I pinch myself that I can live here and enjoy the beauty of North Carolina.

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