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What You See Is What You Get by Kartar Diamond

by Contributing Author

Others in my age group flip wilson A show where one of his characters was Geraldine. In his comedy skits, Geraldine wrote “The Devil Made Me Do It” and “what you see is what you got

Recently, when a feng shui student told me about studying with another teacher, the phrase “what you see is what you get” came to mind. The teacher passed on the principle that beyond the feng shui of one’s own home one can be influenced by what comes in and out of one’s home. In a case study another teacher mentioned, his client excelled in Feng Shui both at home and at work, but suffered from several problems due to this even less obvious effect.

Of course, this makes sense and is also an extension of the theory surrounding “construction companies” when your neighbor has a huge demolition or construction project. In addition, Feng Shui classes teach that all senses are involved when it comes to good or bad feng shui. Seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling intuitively can have a predictable impact.

Most of the time, we give examples of how something around us affects our health and well-being, whether at home or at work. But what about the unpleasant or unpleasant sights you see while driving or passing by? What about eyesores that aren’t really part of your immediate surroundings?

Except for the graffiti makers themselves, most people don’t like seeing graffiti on the streets. Driving through a homeless camp can make us all uneasy. Most of us are annoyed to see closed businesses and dilapidated buildings. Seeing abandoned property or unhappy, unhealthy people walking down the street can upset us. He makes the obvious with many examples, such as not wanting to live near a cemetery.

To influence these disgusting visuals related to poverty, disease, or crime, we need to vote for politicians who are more civic-minded and can be trusted to carry out the will of the people on crime, homelessness, and mental health issues. there is. illness. It also makes a clear statement. But the main point of my thought is, from the feng shui point of view,what you see is definitely what you get” When you face despair, you take in that energy too. It may be only a tiny bit of pain compared to someone whose life is very poor, but you can certainly experience a “second-hand despair” that builds up over time and frequent exposure. .

I’m only 45 miles from Los Angeles now, but when friends from LA come to visit me in Irvine, they tell me how green and beautifully landscaped the city is, and how dangerous people and people are. I can’t help but comment on the lack of derelict figures walking around. I lived in Los Angeles for 52 years. I didn’t fully realize it until I moved. Despite living in one of the more affluent neighborhoods, I fully realize how much I have been experiencing a form of environmental induced PTSD from the daily onslaught of upsetting things I see and hear. was not

Some people eventually become numb and continue to function by compartmentalizing their thoughts and feelings, not being completely paralyzed by what they see. people can do this in their own homes to some extent, but the occupants no longer really see the mess. If you do, know that it can move from your mind to your body and vice versa, causing mood swings and physical ailments from this very obscure instance of origin.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®

From the Philosophical and Metaphysical Musings blog series

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