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What To Do With Old Prescription Glasses (And What NOT To Do!)

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Got old prescription glasses you no longer use and want to keep them organized? There are several options to consider when getting rid of them. This comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know. Which option do you choose?

How long should prescription glasses be stored?

The average life expectancy of prescription glasses is 1 to 3 years – Depends on frame quality, good care and actual prescription.

For those who have an annual eye exam, it is common for prescriptions to change regularly. Unfortunately, you will no longer need your current glasses.

Last time my prescription changed as a result of an eye exam, I was surprised that it was cheaper to get a new pair than replace the glasses on my existing (perfectly OK) frame. It seems like a lot, but like most people, you won for less.

Reasons for wanting to get rid of glasses

There are a number of reasons why you might want to give up your glasses, and here are some that you might not have considered.

  • Your style has changed and you need a new pair.
  • My eye prescription has changed and I need a new pair.
  • You are no longer using them (maybe an old prescription).
  • They are broken and cannot be repaired, or they are more expensive to repair than to replace.
  • you have more than you need

As you can see, these reasons can mean that your glasses are working or not working properly.

Their condition determines to some extent the options for letting them go.

4 options for what to do with old prescription glasses – still in good shape

sell prescription glasses

If you want to make money from your old glasses, we recommend selling them online.

There are several websites that allow you to sell your old eyeglasses, such as eBay and Preloved, but there are some things to consider when doing this.

#1 – Clean thoroughly Inspect for scratches or damage.

#2 – Take Clear Photos View the glasses from different angles to show potential buyers what they are getting.

#3 – When Pricing Eyeglasses, Remember You’re Selling Second-handDon’t expect to get the same price you paid when new. Research the prices of similar glasses online to get an idea of ​​their value.

#4 – Be honest about the condition of the glasses you see on your listing. If there are any scratches or stains, please mention them in the description. This will avoid disputes with buyers who receive damaged goods.

Finally, when selling glasses, Please pack them safely To prevent damage during transportation. Store them safely with bubble wrap or other protective material, and of course, in a glasses case whenever possible.

donate glasses

If you have old prescription glasses that you no longer use, you can donate them to someone in need.

There are many organizations that accept donations of old eyeglasses and distribute them to people who cannot afford new ones. This is a great way to give back to the community and help those in need.

One easy place to try is your local charity shop.

Tips: You can also include the original case and cleaning supplies to help the recipient take care of their newly donated glasses.

give as a gift / give glasses

If you know your prescription, you may be able to give away your unwanted glasses to someone with the same prescription.

It might also be worth asking around or adding a post to your Facebook profile to see if any of your friends need or know someone who needs new glasses or eyewear.

keep it!

Yes, I know you’re here because you want to get rid of your glasses, but bear with me!

What if I lose my new glasses?

If you have to go without your glasses when getting new glasses, having an emergency pair can be very handy.

So if your old glasses are still a good prescription, it may be worth keeping them for at least a while.

Just a thought!

Three pairs of reading glasses on white background

Best option for what to do with old glasses – bad condition


Recycling your old glasses is the best way to reduce waste and help the environment.

Many opticians and charities accept the recycling of old eyeglasses. Check options in your area.

These organizations refurbish the glass for reuse or break it down for recycling.

By recycling your old glasses, you reduce waste and save resources. This is great.

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your Old Prescription Glasses Away

Throwing away old prescription glasses can have a very negative impact on the environment.

Throwing away old glasses is adding to the problem of landfill waste.

As you can see, glass is typically made of plastic or glass and can take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill. While doing so, you’re wasting a huge amount of unnecessary space.

Also, as the plastic decomposes, it releases harmful chemicals into the soil and water that can harm plants and animals.

What to do with old prescription glasses (and what not to do!)

that’s all! These are all different ways to decide what to do with your old prescription glasses that you can consider when you need to part with your reading glasses.

Whatever option you choose, always remember to be as safe and environmentally friendly as possible.

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