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What I’ve Read Lately (Debbie Downer Edition)

by Contributing Author

I didn’t necessarily mean to, but I started the year of reading on a really low note. like There were very few books I read, and most of them (both fiction and non-fiction) centered around grief, addiction, or abuse. The book doesn’t have to make you happy, but it was the culmination of reading all of these around the same time, so I felt like I needed something uplifting right away.

someday, maybe Oney Nuwabinelli I don’t remember where I heard about this book (Is it a podcast?The protagonist unexpectedly loses his spouse on New Year’s Eve, following her grief-stricken journey over the months that follow. I think she was well done and felt very real, but the details felt pretty painful and the whole thing felt very long–that’s probably what this kind of sadness really feels like.

Friends, Lovers and The Big Terrible Thing Matthew Perry I listened to this on audio expecting Chandler Bing talking in my ear for hours. Unfortunately, Chandler Bing wasn’t funny about it. I knew it covered his addiction, but I didn’t realize how deep it went.Besides the number of times he almost died, the craziest thing I learned was that he was sober for only one season friendIt’s sad, it’s very true, but overall I still recommend it.

I take my coffee black Tyler Merritt It’s probably unfair to call this book a downer because it’s actually about overcoming. One of the first stories in the book is about just walking by a car driven by a white woman at an intersection and seeing how much he Talk about what you have to think about. Things I don’t have to think about. He is also very outspoken about his faith and the deep-rooted racism that still affects our country today. The tone of the is very conversational. he feels like a friend. We recommend the 100% audio version.

all this could be yours Jamie Attenberg A highly dysfunctional family drama for your reading enjoyment. This story revolves around the family’s dying father. It turns out he’s done some pretty terrible things in his lifetime. His wife and his two adult children have had many touching moments about who he was, what he did, and how it will affect them and their children’s future. There are parts. In other words, dysfunction is often a “gift” that keeps on giving.

i’m glad your mom died Jennette McCurdy You’ve already heard a lot about this book, so I’ll give you a quick rundown. i haven’t seen a single episode icarly So I went into it without knowing anything about the author – a former Nickelodeon teen star. She spares no detail, but note that the book deals with eating disorders, abuse (physical and psychological), addiction, and depression. Television and social she reminded us that things aren’t always the same as we see them in the media and elsewhere.

latecomer Jan Hanf Korritz This book started out really strong for me. But when it was on, it got a little stuck.it’s the story ofas you can imagine– Another Dysfunctional and Wealthy Family (usually my favorite kind of book) features the strangest non-relationships between a set of triplets and their parents. brother to Can I be honest? I finished reading it about a month ago, but I don’t remember much about this book, so maybe I should. But it did win a lot of accolades and several book of the year awards. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I’m late to these posts, so expect another (slightly happier) post soon…

Looking for more? i will clean up All my top book recommendations here.

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