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What I’m Getting my Two Year Old for Christmas

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When I ask my two-year-old daughter, Ivy, what she wants to see under the tree on Christmas morning, she consistently and enthusiastically tells me three things.success!). I’m so obsessed with this era – it’s such a sweet stage in life. Of course, I filled her own personal wish list. Holiday I thought I could share my findings in case you have her 2-year-old busy on her shopping list for the season.

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1) She is interested in the letter now, I thought. this might help

2) One of her little friends has a similar microphone. The first thing she grabs every time we visit

3) because he is a toddler in cute pajamas this is my kryptonite

4) I accidentally bought a non-washable set (big mistake – ha).she loved They had to be stopped for obvious reasons. I’ll fix it now!

5) She loves pretend play now and I know this ice cream making kit will hit

6) Girls wear “thorn dresses” for any occasion.she can’t wait to see her face when she opens This one

7) Helping out in the kitchen is one of her favorite activities.We hope this kid-friendly knife will continue to push you forward.

8) Her “big gift” this year is a dollhouse, so I got it this little rabbit family go with it

9) I’m in love with this set as well dollhouse furniture

10) As mentioned above Dollhouse (Cute! She will love it!)

11) because sensory bottle I swear it’s the best lifehack for parents.

12) Bending, Flexible, glow-in-the-dark racetrackof course

13) the first thing <3 on her list

14) No matter how much I eat, I never get tired of it sidewalk chalk


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