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What happens to the #2 star in period 9 Feng Shui?

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You may have started researching period 9 Feng Shui early on. If so, congratulations. February 2024 sees a major shift in energy in your home. This was last seen in 2004 when he entered his eighth term. Think back to 2004. Did you and your family experience life-changing changes? 2004 brought many disasters around the world, but also many successes and breakthroughs in various industries, such as NASA landing on Mars. was seen As we enter a new Feng Shui period, both good and bad things can happen, and this is true at home and at work. Early preparation is key to getting the best possible start.

How will Period 9 affect my home and work?

9th Feng ShuiAs you enter Feng Shui period 9, the fixed flying stars in your home will remain the same, but over the next 20 years (from 2024-2024) some auspicious stars will become ominous and some auspicious. It will take on a new energy that the stars will turn ominous. 2044). The 4th star will be ominous in the 9th period, so you will need to weaken this star. The #2 star is also auspicious, but should be treated with caution at the start of period 9 as it is still risky if not activated correctly. Nine Star Energy Shifts also occur in Annual and Monthly Flying Stars. This means we will treat most compass sectors differently for the next 20 years.

Will the Flying Stars change in the 9th generation?

Each of the 9 Flying Stars will have a different role in the 9th period, and while the auspicious and unlucky stars will remain, the different approaches to the stars and how they will be treated and strengthened. We need to rethink what we do. To give you a general overview of the various Flying Stars and how to weaken or strengthen them in Period 9, I’ve put together a quick cheat sheet below. We recommend saving the image to your computer or mobile phone. You can refer to this as needed.

Period 9 Feng Shui Flying Stars

What energies do the different flying stars have in period 9?

Below is a list of how each star has auspicious or unlucky qualities, and in what areas it may cause trouble or bring good luck during the Ninth Period. Did.

1 star – The number 1 star is also auspicious during period 9 and becomes the second wealth star. This is the perfect star to enhance your wealth, career, and overall fortune at home and at work. You can activate the #1 star with water and metal cures during period 9.

2 stars – The #2 star will take on a new role as an auspicious star throughout period 9, but as we see this change from an ominous star to an auspicious star, the first tweak will be will be needed. For now, we need to activate both the Earth remedies to strengthen this planet and the Metal remedies to keep the energies in balance. The balance between earth and metal should be carefully considered. Because too much of one element can overwhelm the other and cause conflict in the early stages of the Ninth Term. I still don’t recommend using fire remedies on #2 stars. , as this can bring excessive energy to the #2 star early on.

3 stars – The third star will remain ominous in period 9 and will cause more serious problems, including gossip, legal troubles, lawsuits, and general disputes. This star can be weakened with a fire or earth cure during period 9.

4 stars – The 4th star loses its auspicious traits in the 9th period and this star needs to be weakened to avoid problems such as health, relationships, infidelity, and addiction. Fire or Earth remedies can be used to weaken the #4 star.

5 stars – #5 is the same as the most devastating Flying Star during period 9 and should continue to dampen this effect with metal hardening.

6 stars – The number 6 star loses some of its auspicious qualities in the ninth period, but you should still capitalize on the career and wealth luck this star brings. Metal Cure and Earth Cure can activate #6 Star.

7 stars – The number 7 star also remains ominous through the ninth period, and can cause problems related to robbery, deception, copyright theft, gossip, and betrayal. Water or wood remedies can be used to weaken the #7 star.

8 stars – The number 8 star is weakened during period 9, but still carries lucky energy and can be activated to enhance wealth, career, academics, and most importantly relationships. . The 8th star becomes the main area in period 9 that strengthens to attract, enhance and protect wealth. You can activate the 8th Star with Earth and Fire remedies.

9 stars – The number 9 star takes over the role of the primary wealth star of period 9 and enchants this star with powerful wealth enhancers to enhance current wealth, health, career prospects, growth, relationships and studies. must be activated. The #9 Star can be activated with the Wood and Fire Cure for the next 20 years, and the Master Cure will be placed where the #9 Star is located each year and will be included in all Cares. Annual Remedy and Reinforcement Kit.

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