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We Tested (and Rated!) Every Sofa and Chair at Urban Outfitters — Here Are the Best for Every Space and Need

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In our opinion, buying a sofa or chair online is one of the hardest things you can do (and we do this for a living). No matter how much you measure, how many customers you read, or how many hours you spend researching the type of upholstery you need, make a big purchase without seeing a new sofa or armchair. is a big deal. directly. This is where Apartment Therapy comes into play. We test all kinds of products, from mattresses to small space friendly products. Visit showrooms and stores to test sofas and chairs in stock.

We already went to West Elm and Pottery Barn to test the sofas, but now it’s Urban Outfitters’ turn. We visited one of Urban Outfitters’ New York City stores and sat on every sofa and chair(s) in the store. While we were there, we took notes on each and decided who each chair and sofa would be best suited for.

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Urban Outfitters is your furniture and home decor reader and editor. Whether classic or modern, Urban boasts a large selection to suit almost everyone. We especially love Urban’s vibrant, eclectic and bohemian-inspired pieces, a large retail store with unique items that you might stumble upon in a small vintage boutique in his boutique. Also, the price of sofas and sofas is not very high compared to competitors. Urban Outfitters offers flat rate shipping on furniture for $149 and he ships in-stock items within 2-4 weeks. The retailer will let you know when the product will be made to order and when it will be available (which can take up to two months). A 15% restocking fee will be charged if furniture is returned. Below are the exact models of the sofas and chairs we tested. We have noted if the sofas and chairs are available in other styles (i.e. prefabricated) or in different colours.

The range of sofas and chairs available at Urban Outfitters is not limited to this list.See website for more options

We evaluated all Urban Outfitters sofas and chairs in-store based on the following five criteria and gave each category an average rating of 1-5. .

sit all over: What posture does the sofa support the most? How deep is the seat? Are the back and arm cushions soft?

sheet hardness: How soft are the seat cushions? How do they contribute to overall posture and comfort?

lounge ability: How many hours can you spend on this sofa or chair? And do you want to?

Multifunctional: Can it be used for multiple purposes in the home?

exterior: What style suits you best? Do you lean more traditionally (deep colors, fine details, borders) or more contemporary (clean lines, bright colors, modern silhouettes)?

Sofas and Chairs Tested by All Urban Outfitters Editors

What impressed us: Overall comfortable fabric.

The Yoji sofa is a chic compromise between modern and classic styles. Incredibly comfortable, this three-seat sofa of his offers the perfect amount of back support—just enough to keep you from sinking in, and soft enough to keep you sitting for hours. It’s in a high traffic area of ​​the Urban store and despite that there were no small rips or tears in the fabric This couch knows Fido will be on his Netflix marathon on the couch Great for dog parents. If you love throwing pillows, this sofa is the ideal canvas. Urban Outfitters styled it in store with this floral pillow.

What impressed us: Raised.

Of all the sofas in the Urban Outfitters store, Maia was the best to snooze at. Not exactly a sleeper sofa, but sitting on it makes me imagine stretching out on lazy Sundays. The bottom cushion is like a mattress and the low profile of the sofa provides plenty of room to curl up. The removable top back cushion is intended for lumbar support and may not be enough for some This sofa is right in front of the changing room and was sat on by shoppers throughout our visit, so it’s comfortable enough for camping. Note to shoppers: There was a little pilling on this sofa, but it can be taken care of with a cloth shaver.

What impressed us: Overall seating and appearance.

Buttery soft and eye-catching, the Chamberlin sofa is a classic mid-century modern choice that adds a luxurious look to any space. Made from recycled leather, this sofa is supple and smooth to the touch. His three sit comfortably on structural metal legs that give this retro sofa a modern touch. The sofa appears to be scratch and stain resistant, but showed signs of mild wear in the store. Of the sofas we tested, this was the most affordable. If you want to buy a but this isn’t the size you’re looking for, don’t worry. Chamberlin has three other configurations he has.

What impressed us: appearance and size.

Boasting the most modern silhouette of all Urban Outfitters in-store sofas, the Aria is sure to garner plenty of praise for its 1960s-inspired curves. Whether viewed from the front or back, this sofa is a bold and well-designed piece of furniture. This presence sofa is smooth yet surprisingly soft and comfortable. When tested, rather than three-seater, he seats two (more than 10 inches shorter than the other sofas on this list), making it a good choice for shoppers with limited space. Three people can work together, but it’s no fun. Aria is made with performance fabrics that are easy to care for and designed to last.

What impressed us: Overall comfort and size.

Perfect for studio dwellers or those who don’t have space for a three-seater sofa, this one-seater Castella chair has a low floor-to-floor height and wide corduroy fabric for a cozy feel. It’s a good chair. No bulky sofa. This chair has no arms, which makes it look modern and trendy, but the ruffles in the fabric make it look more attractive. Shoppers taller than 5 feet 9 inches may find sitting on ottomans or stools without feet on them a little uncomfortable.

What impressed us: Appearance.

This soft velvet Floria Pattern Velvet Chair is designed to be the focal point of any room. A modern take on the armchair, it has an unexpected silhouette with only his three legs instead of his four. The chairs are very comfortable and you can easily imagine sitting in them for hours with your favorite book. Cow print velvet is the boldest of all the fabrics on this list. If you want this chair to be a little more understated, there are other options below.

What impressed us: of durability and appearance.

This minimalist velvet armchair looks like it can easily withstand multiple movements. Made from velvet-upholstered oak and cotton, this chair seems to last the longest of all the options on this list. The low profile design is attractive, and the deep rust (almost brown) color warms the space while blending in with almost any decor style.

What impressed us: Overall seating and appearance.

Rattan lovers will love this Marte Lounge Chair as it is not only beautiful to look at, but is also the perfect seat to relax in. Add an urban bohemian touch to any room and make it a true conversation piece. Made from matte rubberwood with rattan accents, the chair was surprisingly comfortable. It was in a busy area, but there were no noticeable scratches. It also weighs only 15 pounds. — It’s the lightest chair on this list, so you can easily move it around your space.

What impressed us: Versatility.

It’s rare to find a chair that seems suitable for both indoors and outdoors, but the Acapulco Indoor/Outdoor Woven Chair sets it apart. The woven chair has a hammock seat that keeps the sitter comfortably upright for short periods of time. Constructed with a powder-coated steel frame and weather-resistant elastic rope. Urban Outfitters recommends covering or bringing this chair indoors during inclement weather. Perfect for those with a patio, roof access, backyard, or just looking for a space-saving accent chair.

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