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Vintage Market with Sherpa Christmas Tree Display

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We recently had a booth at the Washington Street Holiday Market. I first sold at this show over a decade ago, so it felt like home week back in the day. We used to get a lot of deliveries to our house in a lot of big sturdy boxes. With a winter theme, I had the idea to create a Sherpa Christmas tree display using cardboard logs. It was a lot of fun figuring out how to put it together. I also added a pipe rack to decorate the top of the table with pines and cedars.

I had the end caps on, so I decided to set it up as a corner space so people walking in through the front door could easily walk through. To make the Sherpa tree, I first made a cardboard structure by taking a long piece from the largest box and cutting it diagonally to make long triangles. The middle layer is made up of smaller triangles and the top layer is made up of the smallest triangles.

cardboard box to make wood
Pull out the tall triangles and tape them together

The cardboard was taped together in the middle for the Sherpa tree, then I cut slits in the top of one and the bottom of the other so they could slide together.

Make slits at the top of one and the bottom of the other

This created each section of the tree structure. To join the two structures, I made a circle out of cardboard and cut a notch to allow the base to slide in the case of the tree structure.

Make a slit in the top of one and the bottom of the other

For height, I flattened the tops of the bottom two layers and cut a circle with a slit to join them.

make a circle at the base of the tree
Slide the two pieces of cardboard together

Once everything was put together, I cut a circle of Sherpa blankets from Walmart and put them on the outside and hot glued them together.

Exhibit vintage boxes and sherpa trees

After assembly, I wrapped the Sherpa tree with a battery operated light. It was cute with my cardboard logs and made a display space. It was a fun market. Thank you so much to everyone who came!

Pipe rack for pine garland display
Saw horse used for retail display
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