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Vintage Inspired Early Spring Inspiration

by Contributing Author

I wanted to share some simple spring inspiration this week, so I went into the living room in the back to put together a simple spring coffee table setting and shared that video [HERE] on Instagram. Used some of the items I designed my QVC line like horse head & fabric bowls based on some of my favorite antiques I love…

I love the art of decorating my coffee table…it’s a creative outlet that I can do all day long. This little setup is sweet and simple, and I’m so happy to see some of my favorite items on display. I set the antique books used as art for the botanical prints, and placed the DIY floral centerpieces and candles. horse head from my QVC line on the table. You can watch a video for making all of this. [HERE] on my Instagram.

love to use oversized lumbar pillow Simplify the pillow situation in my space, on the couch or bed. It’s a great way to add a cozy and big focal point with very little clutter. You can see all of the above. [HERE].

Cozy is only cozy if it’s something you enjoy and manage. You don’t have to set deadlines or spend weekends just decorating your space. You move slowly from space to space. We’ve already started with our home’s favorite greenery, and this faux floral with potpourri and some vintage-inspired elements just warms this space up just a touch like springtime. I would appreciate it if you could. There are many more simple and even some of the best projects to help you get your home in perfect shape.Check it out if you want to keep chasing more inspiration every day Instagram, Facebook, tick tockand PinterestThank you for stopping by and have a nice stay!

xx Liz Marie

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