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Vintage Brass Geese Magical Christmas Mantel

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I bought a Brass Goose/Swan from a vintage shop last year and fell in love with it instantly. There was a graceful form somewhere, including the details of the wings. Slowly my collection started growing (my obsession wasn’t just with geese but swans). And then I had the idea to create a magical Christmas mantelpiece of vintage brass geese around them. The geese of the world,” came to mind. I wanted to create a mantel theme around that idea. You can watch the video in this post. Let me introduce you to my home and show you my vintage decor. It’s about eight minutes long, but the living room decor is the first three minutes. I took it vertically with my phone so it’s easy to see in full screen.

I had already created the base for the mantel design.The next part was to add to it and give it a Christmas feel by tucking vintage Shiny Bright ornaments around the moss and mantel. The ornaments give a nice glow around the earthy moss in contrast to the patina brass and twinkling lights.

brass goose and vintage ornaments

I was able to add a small collection of brass geese, a family of three that I picked up in Warehouse 55. I like adding different sizes to the mantelpiece, it’s so cute.

Mushrooms and geese on a mantelpiece on a black wall covered with moss

I’ve never been a fan of twinkling lights, but after adding them to this mantel, I really started to like how they add whimsy and cuteness amidst deeper, more organic decorations like mushrooms. I also put small velvet mushroom ornaments on the tree, which I like because it conveys the theme.

Brass swans on a holiday mantel with moss and twinkling lights

Some of the brass geese are a little more streamlined than others, and I find them to be a bit more modern, but I like the difference that they’re not all the same.

brass geese and swans on a mantel with moss

I think this guy in front of the image looks more like a brass duck than a brass goose, but that’s okay, he’s pretty cute too.

Geese flying with brass collectibles and ornaments

This whole scene to me feels like there’s a resting lake instead of my fake fireplace mantel, with the moon hanging low above. is packed tightly.

Moss and twinkle lights on the mantelpiece

Adding two types of moss and mushrooms gives the whole mantelpiece a forest-like feel. The glass spheres on the trees play with the moon, as if small moons are scattered on the branches. they have a beautiful shine.

Living room with colorful rug, wooden mantelpiece and Christmas tree

We had so much fun making our vintage brass goose magic Christmas mantel with woodland style decorations and twinkling lights that we may have to do it again next year!

Twinkling lights of moss branches and flying paper geese and moon
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