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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Everyone

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Chris and I keep it pretty simple when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. I look forward to making nice dinner reservations and meaningful gift exchanges, but for the most part I keep it simple and sprinkle some extra love on my girls. I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re looking to gift something to your partner, lover, or kids, here are some gift ideas.

This card game is full of conversation starters to help you connect with your loved ones. Or, instead of playing a game, you can draw a card each day and use it as a conversation starter.

This charming recipe book is full of thoughtful and niche recipes for two. Gift a cookbook or use it to cook dinner for a romantic date night.

I don’t know about Valentine’s Day, but for some reason shoes seem like the perfect gift. They’re totally practical and very thoughtful. I’m buying these for him, but honestly, I want these too.

We always rave about how good this Tufted Eden scent is per Pura scent test. it’s masculine. It’s hot; it’s rising. It’s mature… Insert this into your bedroom’s Pura device, turn on the show and let the night go by.

I am absolutely obsessed with this mini crossbody! It’s on sale now starting at $128, so hurry.Other color options here!

I’m so impressed with it that I’ve switched a lot of my makeup to this Merritt brand! my new favorite!

No other cardigan is as cute as this one.The embroidered strawberry detail is cute and makes me think so Amber Phillap You will be proud! Order this for Faye.

This lovely book is beautifully illustrated and all about the many ways love exists.

I’ve recently become obsessed with this Mejuri jewelry brand. These delicate pearl hoop earrings are so classy.

This makes a fun activity for kids on Valentine’s Day that can be gifted to someone or kept for storing all their small trinkets.

One of my favorite things Chris does is make a late night charcuterie board, stock up on different goodies, eat in bed, and watch shows and movies together!

Giving a photo in this pretty picture frame is a thoughtful gift. Bonus points if you tie it with your favorite memories.

What’s more fun than gifting your partner a lovely cologne on Valentine’s Day is gifting them a collection of several scents to try.

This is on my wishlist! How to be able to print Instax photos directly from your phone? That’s a dream come true.

No Valentine’s Day is complete without a pretty card with a handwritten message. I love the gold leaf on this metal.

Coming from a girl who has to indulge in chocolate, this (I can not eat) The truffle-inspired candle set is kitschy and cute. Pair it with rose petals and it’s date night!

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