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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023

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Valentine’s Day is the first to admit that we usually don’t go all out in this household. But it’s one of those “holidays” we tend to spend doing nothing. that too much fanfare. In fact, for most of the year, I “celebrate” with takeout pizza, champagne, and a movie, which is pretty much perfect as far as I’m concerned.

Valentine’s Day is especially exciting because my daughter is here and she’s obsessed with something to celebrate. I can’t. If you that is Here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2023. From babies to toddlers to romantic partners to mothers and beyond, I really love my special excuses to love people this year.

Heart cookie recipe and photo: Well, foragers

Valentine's Day gift ideas for 2023.


1. heart jammy | | 2. watercolor heart mug | | 3. blooming lollipop

Four. heart tea bag | | 5. husband and wife cookbook | | 6. electric water heater

7. Lyla Floral Tablecloth | | 8. rose linen placemats | | 9. mini pearl necklace

Ten. scalloped edge pinch bowl | | 11. teak bus tray | | 12. valentine postcard

13. plush throw blanket | | 14. salted | | 15. dusty pink pillow

16. conversation heart cookie | | 17. teddy bear robe | | 18. polaroid camera

19. frilly pajamas | | 20. love grows anywhere book | | 21. pink champagne body care set

I want to know, do you celebrate? If so, what do you and your loved ones do each year? I always love the idea of ​​introducing new traditions.

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