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Upcycle Milk Glass Vases with Broken Jewelry

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I always see thin milk glass vases of pennies in thrift stores, but it seems like such a waste to leave them there. I also have a huge stash of broken vintage jewelry. Upcycling a milk glass vase with gemstones is a great green craft because you can use two vintage items together to make something new!!! And I don’t know about you But I always see them in thrift stores for less than a dollar. I think these are really cute as bridal shower/centerpiece ideas too.

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To upcycle a milk glass vase with broken jewelry (or grab supplies here):

Broken and vintage jewelry such as earrings, brooches.

jewelry pliers

Super glue like E-6000 or Elmer’s pure bond with less smell

vintage milk glass vase

eye protection and gloves

Be careful with this project. Old or vintage jewelry may contain lead-free (get a lead check kit if in doubt!) or other hazardous metals or materials that can be exposed. There is a nature. Alternatively, you can use new jewelry adornments. Always use proper safety procedures and equipment and in a well-ventilated area before starting this project.

Vintage jewelry for making upcycled vases 1

Start by washing the milk glass vase to remove any dirt, grease, or sticky residue and allow it to air dry upside down until completely dry. may not exist). I wear eye protection for this as these bits can fly anywhere! I have a nickel allergy and some of my old (and new) jewelry contains nickel (or lead).

Both broken jewelry and old milk glass vases can be easily upcycled for this project. Perfect for wedding centerpieces clustered together.

Upcycled vintage jewelry in a milk glass vase

Once you’ve peeled off the backing, you’re ready to glue! I’ve found that placing the vase on its back works best.You can also use a slightly less tacky painter’s tape to keep the pieces in place while the tape sets. Then they are ready to go! It takes about 24 to he 48 hours for the glue to harden and be ready to use. I used some brooches and old earrings (and some new broken ones) to make a fun vase. They have so many beautiful styles. Don’t just throw them away!

Upcycling vintage earrings in old vases and glassware

I also collected some earrings. This is also a great craft for all of your broken jewelry. It’s cute even if you put earrings on top of each other.

Upcycled vintage jewelry in a milk glass vase

I have collected about 4 earrings in this vase.I love how it looks! I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom from the garden. Or, at this rate, Trader Joe’s.

Upcycle a vintage milk glass vase with old jewelry

Start looking for more broken jewelry!

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