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Tuning Into The Universe To Improve Your Life

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Taoist feng shui uses secret techniques that connect heaven, earth and humanity to awaken the inner chi and create awareness of subtle energy shifts. These movements affect our health and promote direct communication with nature, wind and water. This allows us to read signals from the environment, the animal world, weather changes, cloud formations, signals sent from space, all within the context of time and space.

Birds are especially powerful symbols of new opportunities. crimson phoenix. Having a bird statue in your home is said to attract prosperity, opportunity and abundance. If you have 100 birds, you will have 100 times the chance. Birds represent protection for those who take financial and business risks. Placed in the south, the bird will ward off bad business luck. Birds bring wealth, and bird feathers protect against accidents during travel. In Taoist feng shui, birds are considered messengers of the universe.


A bird flying towards you is the best signal. A bird flying away from you suggests a missed opportunity. A bird flying upwards is a good sign. The chirping of birds in the morning brings good news. When birds nest in your garden, it is a very good sign heralding prosperity or increased income.

How to read bird signs

How many birds can you see?

  • a one black bird Indicates important messages.
  • a pair of birds It means love is coming to you.
  • a bird family It suggests the possibility of new families and the possibility of family reunions bringing happiness.

Are there any healthy or injured birds?

  • Ann injured bird is a warning. Take care the rest of the day. Please drive slowly.
  • a healthy and active bird Foreshadows happy events.
  • a few birds sing Merry means more social parties.
  • when birds are singingIt’s a happy sign that suggests a busy social life.

What color birds can you see?

  • a blue bird It means a promotion at work.
  • a white bird means healing. If someone close to you is seriously ill, this is a sign of recovery.
  • a red spotted bird It means that some kind of honor will come to you.
  • a yellow bird Means sudden wealth or happy events (such as pregnancy).

what kind of bird do you see?

  • Magpie It means new friends are coming into your life.
  • bird of prey Always means wealth. For example, an eagle connotes good luck.
  • little birdlike that Sparrowshows the good news – these are happy messengers.
  • love bird It alludes to romance and meeting soulmates.
  • Crow It means that you can expect some kind of divine message – perhaps a prophetic dream.
  • owl It indicates that a very important teacher will appear in your life.

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