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Top 10 Weekly Favorites – Cozy Lifestyle Finds

by Contributing Author

Welcome to the new series here. It helps answer many frequently asked questions about the items I shared. I’ll also show you what other people are currently liking shared here at LizMarieBlog.Com. Each week, we put together our favorite items that we shared in the previous week. Here are your picks for this week’s top 10 favorite items.

1- wooden chaise longue with table: This week’s number one product was this outside chaise longue [HERE] & for good reason. A- We are now working towards our 4th summer and we still love it. B- Still 84% offI can’t believe the price. they are so good! check them out [HERE].

2- Cozy Button Up Dress: This dress is simply amazing, making it into the top 10. It’s a nice fabric and comes in a wide variety of colors. [currently more colors in store than online], & can be dressed up or down & worn throughout spring and summer. I got it in her 3 colors & I have a new obsession & it’s definitely this dress. you can see it [HERE].

3-Potting bench: i got This potting bench It was last summer and I can’t believe it’s still available.Currently 30% on sale With the off and many of us gearing up to get out more, this little guy was super popular this week. see more [HERE].

Four- handmade clay lights – I shared our Updating on Kitchen Reno Instagram This week & we’ve had a lot of questions about our lighting. Handmade creations found on Etsy & truly still one of my favorite finds. They will certainly stay after our renovation!you can see everything handmade clay lights in store [HERE].

Five- Foundation that reflects light – Last week, after talking about my massive hormone breakout, I shared some of my favorite makeup items I use every day. It was the perfect time forThat’s why we’ve shared all of our sale favorites [HERE]. but this foundation Loved it for over a year and really keep coming back. It’s light and has good coverage, and it keeps youthful luster even on oily skin. you can read more about it [HERE].

6- favorite concealer: to go with my foundation favorite concealer Also entered the top 10. I’m in my mid-30s and have imperfect skin, so this concealer is perfect for me. I would appreciate it if you would like to try it on my recommendation.you can see more [HERE].

7- bust: I shared some I found my favorite home goods [HERE] last week & this bust It was certainly one of the share’s favorites! i love him too At under $20, he offers a really good looking garden bust at a great price. see more [HERE].

8- farmhouse tablecloth: I love that table cloth We made it into the top 10 because it really is the basics that everyone needs and this is timeless. I bought one and I’m sure it will last me all summer. I’m happy to be in the top 10 and talk to you all again.you can see more [HERE].

9- your favorite mule: This is the second season These mules on target And now I have three colors and I wear them almost every day, so I’m very happy. It’s so comfortable that I even wore it around Disney.you can See all colors and more [HERE].

Ten- fake tree: this faux tree It’s been on the top 10 list several times, and I can see why. It looks realistic and is reasonably priced for its size. This shop is an Etsy shop that also offers more greens.can check out This Tree & More They Offer [HERE].

Bonus Item- embroidered cropped blouse: I know this is a “this week” item, but this The free people blouse I’m wearing above is currently on sale from $148 to $34 & I had to share with you guys.Also.. wearing the mule in this pic & that tree in the top 10 is behind me.. was fate.. you can see This shirt is sold in bulk [HERE].

Thank you for stopping by our blog today to see what we are up to each and every day.See more top 10 favorite posts [HERE] To see more popular items we’ve shared. xx

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