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Top 10 Products Of The Week – Cozy Cottage Lifestyle

by Contributing Author

I’m starting a new series here to answer many of the frequently asked questions about the items I’ve shared and show you what other people are currently liking shared on LizMarieBlog.Com. Each week, we put together our favorite items that we shared in the previous week. Here is this week:

bus lamp I i love this lamp & always wanted. I finally got the email this week. It quickly entered the top 10 list and everyone loved it.I can’t wait to style it with you!I can see the lamp in me for now Instagram highlights.

brass pull – One of the things I have to do Increase hardware sharing!It feels like such an important part of designing a home that it doesn’t get enough attention.this week you found These brass pullers I shared them and loved them because they made it into the top 10!

leather wallet- This leather wallet was part of last week’s LTK sale and I shared it in the sale roundup and it was an instant favorite as the sale was so good! i love this classic bag & it’s truly a closet staple, so you can see why it was a favorite.

striped lampshade– I shared a sneak peek new lampshade I got the upstairs hallways and you guys loved them. Looks like a lot of our customers ordered them for their spaces & I can’t wait to see them.. sure to me Please tag me!

colored chopsticks- i am always looking for perfection colored chopsticksI have dry lips and don’t like a lot of the products on my list, so a tinted balm is perfect for me. This one in pink is a new favorite!

stair runner- this is stair runner We have it at home and get asked about it all the time. Honestly, it was just a simple ticking cloth, which I stapled to the stairs. This is the perfect, simple, cozy and rustic look we were looking for.

flower arrangement – I recently shared a huge roundup of flower arrangements & This was SUPER POPULAR. I can see why! This is so pretty and really makes me want spring.

tie bodysuit – this Bodysuits are in the top 10 again This week & honestly I’m so happy it’s my new favorite & I’m so glad I got it. I want more colors now so we’ll see and if so post you continue to

Sandals- It may sound crazy, but i bought this sandal From me in the kids section of Target, I’m in love with them. they are very cozy. I wore them at Disney. I know we all have different foot needs, but if you’re looking for a similar pair, go to the store and try them on!

foyer table- this The entryway table has been a favorite here for years It made it into the top 10 again this week, so I’m sure many of you are refreshing your front porch?

Thank you for visiting my blog today!View a recap of the past top 10 products [HERE]. fun! xx

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