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Top 10 Products Of The Week – Cozy Cottage Lifestyle Finds

by Contributing Author

I’m starting a new series here to answer many of the frequently asked questions about the items I’ve shared and show you what other people are currently liking shared on LizMarieBlog.Com. Each week, we put together our favorite items that we shared in the previous week. Here is this week:

lightweight cardigan – Love this cardigan Every season! It was a splurge for me, but I know I wear as much as it’s worth for my wardrobe and cozy lifestyle.

horse head statue when a piece from my QVC line It’s in the top 10 of the week. I am very happy because I love the item.I’m glad you did too! horse head is my favorite piece based on one of my antique finds and now you can have it in your home too.

cozy white chair – I love Discovering Cozy Cottage Furniture & find pieces to put in your home. I found this chair at a bargain price!

swan holder – I found This swan of the target It looks so much like an antique brass find I found at a flea market last week & I had to share it right away.

clay light- These have been my favorites and yours since I brought them home. glad they showed up this week Favorite again!this is The best cozy cottage handmade lighting sources [HERE].

block print tablecloth – I made curtains out of these tablecloths & have been your top favorite ever since & are in the top 10 this week! Perfect for curtains as well as tablecloths.

blown glass vase – I have a few of these and they are worth it. A classic piece that will be the star of any table, shelf or counter.a timeless vase You will have and use it forever.

antique vase– i can’t believe 2 items from my QVC line Top 10 of the week.. honored! This vase was shared by me and this year many people have joined me on this flower journey and this vase is so good for that! Another classic that is always stylish.

fake tree – when you find this fake tree I am actually impressed! It’s hard to impress with artificial plants, especially artificial trees. I feel like it would be difficult to fool everyone on such a large scale, but I have high hopes for this.

Roman shade- I have these shades It’s a real favorite item in our house, so I was happy to make it into this week’s top 10. It’s handmade and very impressive while still providing that simple, cozy cottage feel that I love.

Bonus item: rabbit statue – These have been favorites for years and I’m so happy they’re back! They finished 11th. They’re all-time favorites, so I had to share them here this week.

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