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Top 10 Products Of The Week – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Style

by Contributing Author

Welcome to our new series. I’ll answer many FAQs about the items I’ve shared and show you what other people are currently liking shared on LizMarieBlog.Com. Each week, we bring together your favorite items that you shared last week, tailored to you. Here are your picks for this week’s top 10 favorites:

1- free people zip up – favorite free man finds season It is here! We’re sure you’ll find your favorite Free People item every season, and this is it! It’s like my scout jacket, but more cropped and a little thinner, with a hood. It’s not too oversized, so I went up two sizes to make it a little more droopy, but it’s the perfect summer staple for all seasons. see all colors and more [HERE].

2- rattan chair – This chair has topped the list several times over the past few months due to its greatness and frequent sales. About major clearance [HERE]. I’m thinking of buying two more for my pool area. I will definitely let you know when I can purchase it. View transaction details [HERE].

3- water lily teapot– This teapot is back on the list. I can see why. I mean cute It’s also on sale right now [HERE]. I love this little teapot and can’t wait for the full set to come out. You may also buy a teacup. See teapots and more in this collection [HERE].

Four-linen curtains – we have these handmade roman shades [HERE] We love them all around the house. I struggle with curtains because I always want everything to look like a found item. This is it! It looks like it was made from real found fabrics. You can see more from this shop [HERE].

Five- washable ticking rug – Just like curtains, we struggle with rugs because we want them to look like what we found, but we also want them to work and perform like new. This rug is perfect. I have it in my kitchen and mud room and I wash it regularly and it’s still like new. put in runnerbut I love it so much that I’m considering buying it in a larger size to give me more space. you can see them [HERE].

6- best daily moisturizer – I shared this lotion It was restocked last week, and many people liked it. very good. It exfoliates, moisturizes, penetrates quickly, and smells great, like a luxury hotel. Really good stuff if you haven’t tried it yet. check it out [HERE].

7- sandals – these are Two Band Sandals Only $10 There are 3 different colors. I picked up a black pair and love it because I can wear it around the house, outdoors, or for anything every day. If you’re looking for a summer slide, you’ve found it. see colors and more [HERE].

8- layered necklace I got this necklace a few weeks ago and have been wearing it every day since. That’s very good. I’m pretty fussy with necklaces, and I have a problem with the weight of necklaces, especially if they get tangled or feel uncomfortable.It does not get tangled easily and does not cause any discomfort. A great find with more colors. look at it all [HERE].

9- Sun lounger – This lounger ranks in the top 10 It’s because we love them and because they have a sale. These loungers are currently on sale in certain colors. We still love these four summers, so far it’s paid for itself. see all colors [HERE].

Ten- storage basket – This storage basket was a favorite two weeks in a row. Honestly, all cute storage items are my favourite.you can see this affordable toy storage options [HERE].

Bonus: This T-shirt has been in the top 11 for two weeks in a row and is the perfect summer staple, so I thought I’d include it here if you’re looking for it. Perfect thin and comfortable t-shirt It’s comfortable all summer long and can be layered in any season.see all colors [HERE].

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We hope these Top 10 posts have provided you with a cozy cottage lifestyle discovery and plenty of inspiration. xx

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