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Top 10 Current Favorites – Cozy Cottage Lifestyle

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I’m starting a new series here to answer many of the frequently asked questions about the items I’ve shared and show you what other people are currently liking shared on LizMarieBlog.Com. Each week, we put together our favorite items that we shared in the previous week. Here is this week:

Jeans: I love you! Cozy jeans are hard to find, but these are loose fitting and perfect for everyday wear. this jeans Browsing Target!

Armoire: I bought two of these cabinets and stacked them in my bathroom. [HERE]Many of you love that DIY, check it out used cabinet [HERE]2 colors of wood and gray.

Swimwear: This swimsuit was a big sale.I am very happy with the fit and coverage Top & under I chose it because it can be freely combined.

Lip gloss: I found this lip gloss on TikTok because the girl sharing is Supernatural best color for everyone. I grabbed it on a recent trip to Target and she wasn’t wrong! A new staple to repurchase when I need it to keep in my makeup bag.

face lotion: I was very dry this winter. My face suffered the most. Problem is, my skin is sensitive, so I needed something suitable for sensitive skin, but at the same time worked hard. & This lotion is now 25% off. this eye cream is also a favorite!

basket: this basket Suitable for so many things! Laundry, blanket storage, toy storageetc. It’s no surprise that it’s consistently at the top of our favourites.

Lag: Last week we unveiled our laundry room so many people discovered my cozy cottage rug Designed by me for qvc. I love this rug and want to cover every room I can.

Bunny mug: Isn’t this the cutest mug? I’m trying to avoid mugs any more, but this one had to go back to White Cottage Farm. Cute as a planter?

Botanical marker: I think I’m ready for spring These plant markers Already a favourite, but also adorable! Glad you love them too!

Wall sconce: these are Candelabra was also part of the laundry room Reveals as an option for our lights that are no longer made. These are great alternatives!

Bonus item: of stanley cup It’s always been my favourite, and I just launched a new color this week. This is fun!

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