• Order the update first! Some years matter more than othersbut virtually everyone has to make at least a few significant changes each year. As the Feng Shui New Year approaches, usually around February 4th, I get a backlog of reports to write and clients to visit, so get there early. Order your update.th(Solar calendar. No Chinese lunar calendar).
  • When applying the remedy, The ideal is to place the remedies (water, wood, fire, earth, metal, etc.) over a large portion of the directional zone., as depicted on your floor plan. If necessary, placing remedies in the narrower part of the directional sector narrows all directions towards the center of the structure.However Larger area outside is betterThink of a large area near the outer wall as a filter for energy coming from a particular direction.
  • Please check the pdf files of each element I have and update your ideas on what to use. You can find them on my website in the clients section after scrolling through the shopping cart at FengShuiSolutions.net/for-clients/.

  • Virtually everyone wants to make the most of their year for financial success, optimal health, and the best relationships. I go into each review with that assumption. However, some people email or call me with specific goals and plans for the next year, such as remodeling rooms, landscaping, or changing features.
  • How long does the annual change take? This depends on where you are browsing and how many update reports you have. I have a client with multiple properties. Or you are responsible for updating your adult child’s home. Check the update report early and use my “checklist” to estimate how long it will take before February begins. Some take him 30 minutes to change, some take days.
  • Many long-time clients have almost all the treatments they need and don’t need to make any special purchases. Just do it.
  • Other rituals and practices can be performed Revitalize your home or workplace. This may include high level cleaning or space clearing. If you have an elemental remedy that seems to be permanently in one place, you can also clean it.
  • OUTSIDE area recommendations are maintained annually unless otherwise stated in the update report.
  • Year-of-birth-based recommendations, such as the Peach Blossom Romance Vase and the Lu Kung Lucky Money Bowl, stay in place each year.
  • On all fronts, be aware of what your neighbors are doing around you. One section of his annual update review includes demolition and other “construction company” impacts. This is not only at your property, but at other nearby properties as well.
  • Beware of using generic annual feng shui advice on the internet. Some are good, some are definitely not suitable for you. I do my analysis and know if I need to do something completely different than what is stated online. I don’t mind (and don’t encourage) the question, I rather like it.
  • If you have a choice, should you change which front door you use that year? Should you sleep in a different direction all year round? If necessary, we will address the rare cases where it might be a good idea in our update report.
  • Do annual adjustments take precedence over longer-term recommendations? Sometimes, sometimes not. That’s why annual updates are so important.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®

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