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Tips for Visiting the Flea Market: A Complete Guide

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Are you a lover of all things vintage or just love finding unique home décor that no one else has? flea markets may need to be an adventure for the whole family. I have been shopping and selling at flea markets for over 12 years and there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to do it! What a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday.i wanted to share some with you Tips for Visiting Flea Markets: The Complete GuideInterested in becoming a vendor at a market or show? Check out this post!

Need a wood carved mermaid? You can find equally interesting things at flea markets. That’s the beauty of visiting. You can find truly unique items for almost any style. Vendors, so some markets travel from out of state. If you’re lucky, you live in a place where the market is open all year round. However, before you start shopping and after wearing comfortable shoes,It’s something you need to remember to bring with you to have a successful and enjoyable day.

Flea market mermaid statue

Bring weather essentials to take to the flea market

First of all, always check the weather, especially for outdoor markets. Hopefully it’s a sunny day and all you need is sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and extra water, but the weather can change quickly. Some of the outdoor vendors had about 10 inches of rain in an hour, a tornado nearby, and the entire tent was blown away. Please bring your own.

Ready for a day at the flea market. I need a guide.

You can bargain with sellers at flea markets, but not always.

One thing to remember while you’re hunting is that it’s great to get a good bargain. , haul it in and spend a day or two making it available for someone to purchase. No, please don’t insult me. Some vendors like to haggle, but often price is price, and a true bargain hunter doesn’t welcome bargains. If they say no, let go. For example, this table said he was $39, but I asked the vendor if he would make it $33. It was a firm no, and that’s okay. However, one trick to getting cheaper at flea markets is to buy multiple items from one vendor booth. They might be happy to give you a sort of bulk discount. Many vendors don’t want you to take big items home.

flea market table

Flea markets are like treasure hunts, but they have great art, new merchandise, lots of quirky stuff, and sometimes real junk.

I use the term junk loosely because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. From barn picks to local merchants opening mini-stores in the market, there is something for everyone. Sometimes it’s literally nothing more than trash that has to be picked up. For me, these little statues below go home with someone. I already have enough of them at home.

Please bring a cart or wagon for bulk purchases

Please bring something to carry your luggage, such as a cart or wagon

You may not be looking to buy a big one, but the minute you see it and you have to carry it around, you’ll regret not having something to bring it with you. I don’t want that responsibility. Foldable carts are a great way to buy large items without hurting your back. Foldable luggage carts are also a great option for indoor markets. Also, know that if you buy even a huge item like a cabinet, you are expected to take it home that day. If you’re lucky, they may be a local vendor who can arrange delivery or ship for a fee. Or get ready to rent.

Concrete statue picking a nose at a flea market

Is it okay to take pictures of flea market booths?

the correct answer is everytime Ask first. Vintage vendors are fine with that, but many artists, or those who create original designs and crafts, may not. There was nothing worse than someone walking by taking a picture of something I made and saying, “I…make this for me.” Always ask if it’s okay.

A flea market with a mix of vintage and new items

Does everyone have a credit card?

Anyone in a legitimate business usually does, but be sure to bring extra cash as many vendors who are small or hobby sellers only accept cash. , in some states, the vendor also collects sales tax, as required by Illinois. If you bring cash, make sure he doesn’t stop at the ATM on your way to the market and bring a $20 coin. I tried to fish enough, but sometimes I hardly had enough when he faced $20 after $20 bill. Loved this booth with the chandelier. They started at $200 and didn’t have a credit card and I didn’t have enough cash so unfortunately I went home without a card.

flea market chandelier

Buyers should be aware of certain items such as lighting, upholstered goods

Realistically speaking, I don’t know where anyone got anything. For items such as lights, it’s a good idea to plan on rewiring them after purchase. We also recommend cleaning or collecting soft goods such as rugs and upholstered furniture. And I always “sniff test” my items before I buy them.

flea market furniture

Is it okay to bring pets and children in strollers to the flea market?

I will be 100% honest. Strollers can be used alone or with a wagon. Please do not bring double width strollers. Not a good place if your kids don’t like crowds and heat. I have seen more miserable parents than happy parents at the market. The line in the bathroom is out the door many times and the long waits and heat make everyone jerky. When it comes to pets, I say no unless they are in a sealed carrier.

Wood carved stamps are flea markets

Is there food at the flea market?

It really depends on the market. Some have full-sized turkey legs, while others barely carry a ship’s bag. We often have to wait 15-20 minutes just for drinks. It is recommended that you bring your own water and snacks just in case. Flea markets are not a great experience if you are hungry.

vintage furniture found at flea market

Hope you found some nuggets with this Tips for Visiting Flea Markets: The Complete Guide. With some planning ahead and a treasure hunt ready, flea markets can be a great and fun experience for everyone.

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Tips for Visiting Flea Markets Complete Guide

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