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Three Layout Options for Faye’s Room

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I am almost at the end of my research project and would like to start another one. This is a slightly lighter lift that will probably get you more projects. So I referred to the 2023 project list. Looking forward to working on Faye’s room next.

buy faye’s bedroom

We spent some time in both Polly’s and Greta’s rooms while Faye, 9, patiently waited her turn. her room is new bed and spread out the rugOh, and we had new flooring installed throughout the house before we moved. Fay is my child and she is most interested in design, so throughout this process, I accompany her child-like creative genius as much as possible.

This is what the room looked like before we moved in!


Chris and I sat head to head the other day and talked about the current layout of her room which is a bit awkward with the closet and window situation. Not a bad idea. We say all the ideas we have in mind, discuss the pros and cons, and help us arrive at the best possible idea.Chris took the dimensions of the room and gave us his 3 I have created two possible layouts.

This option reduces the size from a queen size to a twin size while maintaining the current closet and bed arrangement. This allows you to place small dressers along small walls. This is a big request from Faye. You can increase the floor space to add a dresser and nightstands, but the closet placement is still weird and cuts into the window symmetry, so this isn’t my favorite option. I also don’t like the idea of ​​regressing the size of the .

A second option is to move the closet to a smaller wall and move the bed to the window wall. Moving the closet gives the window more symmetry, but still leaves a little more space on the left wall. But we can make it work! We are moving to a window wall and trying it out! The new closet is standard depth, all cut out and flush with the opening to the bathroom.

A third option we’re considering is creating something similar to the built-in wardrobe we made a few houses ago. When we lived in Rexburg, Greta and Faye shared her bunk room in the basement. I think this would be a great solution in Faye’s room!Think of her two wardrobes with a mirror or dressing table in between. There was already wall space on the left side of the window, so the window wall remains fairly symmetrical.

No problems so far. Are you afraid of the bed in front of the window? There were many reasons why it didn’t work for our room, but I think it would be the most practical solution for Faye’s room! Here’s what I said about the window wall bed.

“Two rules of thumb I’ve learned with positioning and pinning under windows: 1. Choose a low profile headboard or one with open frames so it doesn’t get in the way of your window too much.2 Pull the bed out about 9 inches from the window wall so you can hang the curtains behind it.

As far as design decisions for this room, all I know right now is that I’m really interested in doing wallpaper along with contrast color trim.I ordered 27 wallpaper samples, so Faye I will narrow it down with you. Here is what we are considering!

Wallpaper sample preview

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