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This Writing Practice Can Help You To Feng Shui Your Life!

by Contributing Author

This writing practice will help you feng shui your life!
Tao of Dana

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Writing is one of the most powerful ways to organize and feng shui your life, and as you will soon be convinced, everyone is a writer.

Today, great authors, book publishers, healers, and Feng Shui School of Intention member, Laura DiFrancoEntrust her with a writing practice that will awaken your creativity and change your life!

Writing Your Soul In Feng Shui: A 3-Step Process For Sharing Words That Heal

First, I write my soul on feng shui. I prioritize the healing process above anything else I do in my writing, so the writing you (and the world) read comes from the overflow of my energy cup, not my reserves.

“But I’m not a writer.”

Many people tell methe thing is you that is Writer. You are an artist, a healer, a singer, and very creative. Someone taught you to think that you are not authorized or authorized to discover it.

not enough problem

Let’s get over this one myth first. Then you will be able to carry out this magical healing practice I have for you. Everyone is a writer and you are all enough!

If you can put a pen to paper or click a keyboard, you can write. And if for some reason you can’t write or type, you can still dictate words to your recording device.

The problem is that I don’t think I’m a good enough writer for other people. And that fear of not being good enough is boring to me. That’s what I call purpose-driven fear. What if what you’re afraid to write and share is what someone else needs to read or hear to change (or save) their life?

If you knew that writing brave words could save lives, would that be enough?

If that “someone” you?

I am not sharing all my writing. But there are many. And I’m not saying you have to share everything you write, or that sharing just changes someone’s life.They say that writing is a healing process for oneself and a life-changing exercise in awareness. youthe beginning.

Let’s start with you. Worry about others later.

my story

“I don’t think this is viable. I mean, your first book was fine, but this idea won’t be sustainable.”

My ex was talking about my first (five) book of poetry.I asked for a divorce for a number of reasons. Two of them went like this in my head: I will never live my dream without creating misery in this relationship.With or without you, I am going to publish this book.

I have published a total of 10 books to date and have published over 50 as a company, all Amazon bestsellers and several of them award winners.

I have been journaling since I was 15 years old. I started blogging in 2008. Self-published her first solo book in 2012. Viral posted her blog, published several magazine articles, and was quoted in places such as Glamor.

It took me 40 years of my life, 20 years of marriage, and a brutal aha moment that held me back for 5 years to decide I had enough to pursue my dreams.

Writing has helped me move through all things, connect with what matters, and stay aware of the importance of my desires, dreams, purpose, and goals.

The awareness I gained from connecting to something bigger than myself and journaling those messages has changed my life.

I now use that channel to write and share for others. This blog is a product of that connection, passion and practice.


writing practice

Here are three steps to start (or develop) the practice of writing your soul in feng shui.

first step: stop and breathe

The first thing I do is practice body awareness. It is the awareness of the present moment that connects me to something greater. If you haven’t practiced meditation or are uncomfortable with this idea, know it’s not complicated. Feel your breath move in and out of your body. be interested relax. Soften it a little.

Step 2: write what you feel

This may sound easy, but so many people experience feeling overwhelmed as soon as they put pen to paper. it amazes me. I know it’s not easy when habits and thought patterns get in the way. It happens when you leave your body and end up in your ruminating mind, listening to its noise and overthinking the whole thing.

Lower back into the body, deep into the bowl of the pelvis. Take several rib-expanding breaths. clear your mind Exhale to soften. Set a timer for her 5 minutes and fill in the blank: I feel _____ Don’t censor yourself and write as fast as you can. Don’t worry about punctuation, grammar, or editing. Anything goes; just write. be interested open for business. This is for no one but you.

Step 3: read aloud to yourself

Like body awareness, writing is part of consciousness, but reading your own words aloud is part of healing. On the page, you see them in black and white. Create a space between you and the words so you can observe the process. Sometimes I read my own writing and think: Whoa, do you really believe that?

The next step is to read them aloud to yourself. It’s also the best self-editing tool I’ve ever used. When you put the vibration of your voice into words, you become your own witness. You create awareness by listening to your inner self. This process may make you emotional. That’s very good. Healing happens in these little moments when our souls are witnessed on the page.

Writing tips to share with others

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if another soul reads yours. The key is to use the practice as a healing process. Because when you change yourself, the world heals. That’s enough. It’s an important powerful process.

Many of you feel the urge to share and change the lives of others with your brave words. I know that, so I’m jumping thinking about it.

Your words change the world when you have the courage to share them.

So here are my tips for the bold and brave souls who are ready for the next step in the writing process.

  1. Start with someone you trust and have them read aloud (or have them read to you).
  2. Start a blog and turn off comments. This is a great way to express yourself without worrying about what other people think.
  3. Start posting small ideas on social media and separate them from the results of comments. This is easier said than done. Practice separating. This will serve you forever.
  4. Share with the intention of healing yourself, not for someone you like.
  5. Share from a foundation of awareness, gratitude, kindness and love. Always share your truth.

Introducing one of my favorite writing prompts. I hope this helps you feel brave.

If no one offends, upsets, or disappoints, _____.

Put your heart and soul into the page. Be brave!

The Brave Healer Writer’s Circle meets four times a month to write and heal together. you will find information here.



Laura Di Franco, CEO of Brave Healer Productions, is an award-winning publisher specializing in business strategies for holistic health and wellness professionals who are ready to become best-selling authors. She has her 30 years of expertise in holistic physical therapy, 14 years of training in martial arts, and her company has published over 50 of her Amazon best-selling books. increase. Her community includes over 500 authors and her mission is to make the world possible.

Laura is a spoken word poet, inspirational speaker, and dark chocolate lover. She has a strong passion for helping build businesses and share courageous words that leave a legacy. Need advice on book ideas? Schedule a chat with our publishing team here.

Connect with Laura Facebook, Instagram, twitter, link inand Youtube.


This writing practice will help you feng shui your life! First appeared in The Tao of Dana by danaclaudat

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