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This TikToker Created A Stunning Holiday Fireplace Display Using Cardboard

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The holiday season, and therefore holiday decorations, are in full swing.but you don’t Have Spending a ton of money to get a home in the holiday spirit. Ask TikToker Mads (@Mad Gord), who recently shared a video It documents how her mom created a stunning fireplace display using only leftover cardboard.

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First, Mads’ mom sketched out a number of small vacation home design ideas in her notebook. She then cut house shapes of various sizes out of cardboard and used tipp-ex pens (in the US she loosely translates to her Wite-Out and Liquid Paper products) to transfer the designs onto them. did.

To give the tiny house proper dimensions and help it stand upright, Mads’ mom used double-sided tape to attach them to a small box. It had an adorable holiday village display hanging above a cozy fireplace.

“Such an easy and fun decorating hack!” she concluded.

Needless to say, fellow TikTok users were impressed. Since Mads first posted his video on Dec. 3, it has garnered over 42,700 likes and over 335,500 views of his.

“This is the magic of Christmas,” wrote one TikToker. “Really Impressive!!!”

Another user added, “I think she should be one of Santa’s elves.”

Other viewers contributed their own DIY holiday village ideas.

“Cut out the window and put some fairy lights in the back!” suggested one user, while another wrote:

It shows that there are sometimes bright spots in keeping cardboard boxes.

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