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This Space-Saving Organizer Will Revolutionize Any Coffee Lover’s Kitchen

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Here at Apartment Therapy, I’ve been an avid fan of design-focused home storage brand Yamazaki for years. What sets this editor’s favorite brand apart from its competitors is the blend of smart, thoughtful detailing and a pleasingly minimal aesthetic, with a multitude of organizers that enhance the functionality of any room. and bring tools.

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So (especially if you’re a coffee lover) gather a little closer. Check out Yamazaki’s Coffee Filter Case, a compact, sleek and super-cute contraption that keeps your coffee filters neat and tidy. please look.

A simple contraption allows you to stack the #1 and #2 coffee filters you use to pour your coffee and nestle into the two-sided hanging holder. Not only does this design make the filters easily accessible (lift the handle and he just grabs one), it also keeps drawers and cabinets clutter-free. Anyone whose coffee routine includes paper cones knows that things don’t stop in neat, tidy stacks. In fact, if there are filters in the kitchen today, they are scattered haphazardly in drawers, or worse, somewhat jumbled in, around, and under other things sharing cabinets. Plus, this solution stores the filter in a closed case, so it’s safe from dust and other particles that can make it through the brewing process and into your cup.

Made from Yamazaki’s signature combination of thin, matte white steel and clean, light wood, the holder is just 2 inches wide and 7 inches deep. In other words, it looks elegant and smart while taking up very little countertop space. You may want to create a small coffee nook on your countertop. Yamazaki-san’s commitment to styling? I’ll take it!

This breakthrough find is only $26, so there’s no excuse not to put one (or two or three) on your gift checklist.Just think how happy this sleek, simple, and innovative solution would make the coffee drinker in your life. espresso How much beans to them.

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