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This Popular Thrifted Item Has a Dangerous Design Flaw, But Luckily There’s an Easy Fix

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If you have one at home, you must read this.

Last month, TikTok users @graceful_designs_diyalso known as Grace, posted about an antique cedar chest that every thrift shopper should know about to prevent unnecessary deaths.

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Item was made by lane company It was popular at the time between 1912 and 1987. Unfortunately, there was one flaw in the chest design. It was locked so that it could not be opened from the inside. So children were accidentally trapped when they hid inside, resulting in a total of 14 deaths from suffocation. The company issued a recall, but an estimated 6 million are still in circulation on the resale market.

“The U.S. Product Safety Commission has made it illegal to resell recalled items, but it’s not uncommon to see these locks on these vintage chests of drawers.

Thankfully for those who own such antiques, the solution is simple. Simply contact the company and tell them you still have the old lock and they will send you a new improved version. You can put things in it.

With so many Cedar Chests still available for purchase, it’s good that Grace’s video raised awareness about the dangers of owning this and other recalled furniture. In fact, many of her followers learned about the safety issue for the first time thanks to her TikTok clip of her.

“You’re saving lives!! Two years ago I inherited my son right after he was born and I didn’t know. He’s a toddler now so I unlock it,” one commented. the poster said.

Another comment said: thank you! “

A third commenter added: It’s a beautiful piece of work and I had no idea it could be so dangerous. “

For more information on the Lane Company Cedar Chest, please visit our Product Safety Advisory page. here.

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