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This Creative's Art-Filled Connecticut Cottage Is a Cozy Fall Escape

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name: NYC Creative and his dog Bobby
position: Litchfield County, Connecticut
size: 1200 square feet
house type: Modern Lake Cottage
Years lived: 3 years, owned

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“I love how this house sits on a hill surrounded by trees. The house is painted white so it has an amazingly beautiful glow against all the woods in all four seasons,” says the New York creative. “Having painted the exterior this bright white, I wanted to make the interior living space a little darker and more inviting. It accentuates and exaggerates the colors of the trees outside.”

Born in Los Angeles and raised on Long Island, the homeowner made the switch from living in an apartment in Brooklyn to living full-time in Warren, Connecticut, in 2019 and purchased this home after three years of searching. Located near the lake and local vineyards, in addition to the gorgeous surroundings, one of the most appealing aspects of this home was that it had already been nicely renovated.In addition to sourcing furniture and artwork from his Austin-based studio, he collaborates with horticulturist Robin Zitter. LSD design studio.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

my style: comfortable. It should be comfortable enough to sleep and sit on.

Inspiration: Always loved the minimalist, art-curated home by Axel Vervoordt.

Favorite element: I love the Marc Maggioli print “Symbiosis” that hangs above one of the main windows in the living room. The print was framed in this incredible brown leather thick wooden frame.The print shows a lone cowboy under a sherbet-colored sky. The colors and moods are reminiscent of the West and evoke solitude in nature.

Biggest challenge: The biggest challenge was making the house feel modern, not too themed, and not literally a ‘country cottage’. All works were selected and collected over time. Art is helpful and it’s always fun to tell the story behind each artifact.

Describe any tips you have for maximizing and/or organizing small spaces that are helpful, inspiring, wonderful, or just useful. Work with what you got! The best tip I got was to reorganize and check the space you’re trying to freshen up before you head out to buy something new for your home. You can reduce your consumption by donating used items or reusing forgotten items.

Finally, do you have any house secrets or decorating advice? If you love it, buy it. If you love it, it will always work in your home.

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