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This 2023 Trend Will Flip Indoor-Outdoor Living on Its Head

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For many design professionals and homeowners, indoor and outdoor living has become a major design pillar in recent years, with a priority on how people can seamlessly incorporate outdoor living opportunities into the architecture and design of their homes. I’m here.

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This spirit has become even more emphasized during the pandemic years. Suddenly, my backyard (or balcony or stoop) became my only escape or vacation. Details such as floor-to-ceiling windows that take advantage of the view and a movable glass wall system that eliminates the barrier to the backyard were common, especially in newer buildings.

But in 2023, designers predict a shift from indoor-outdoor living to outdoor-indoor living. The two may sound very similar, but the applications are quite different.Think of outdoor indoor living as an invitation to nature indoors Whether surrounded by towering pine trees or towering skyscrapers. Designers and architects have used traditional outdoor finishes ( stone, slate, untreated wood, etc.).

“We’re noticing a big shift in living outdoors versus indoors,” he says. Architect and designer Anand Sheth of Studio Anand Sheth. “Professionals use traditionally ‘exterior’ materials in sophisticated ways in home interiors. In my Pacifica residential project, I’m experimenting with a stacked stone backsplash in the dining room/bar area to reflect the stacked stone wall I’m building outside. “

In keeping with this atmosphere, natural stone of all kinds reigns supreme in the years to come, followed closely by patina finishes such as textured walls and unlacquered metal. You will see an exciting stone explosion that will be held, ”says the designer Victoria Sass from Project Refuge‘The list goes on: amazing colorful slabs in the kitchen, breccia-soaked bathrooms, furniture constructed from stone collages, and more. We are designing a space with a stone mosaic floor.”

Delyse Berry, designer and real estate agent upstate downadding: a lot 2023 Stone! Applications like lime wash are a beautiful way to create natural texture and depth in a space. I’ve seen a lot of stones lately, and I have no doubt that they will remain. I think travertine and green marble will be very popular next year. ”

If you want to incorporate outdoor and indoor trends into your home, look no further than your backyard or local park for inspiration. Reflecting the natural elements of where you live—such as using rustic pine in the Northeast or rich adobe in the Southwest—automatically gives your home a sense of depth and place. Look for opportunities to incorporate complete materials and objects into your home, avoiding anything that feels too precious or too delicate. The greatest advantage of materials derived from nature is that they wear beautifully over time, changing with your home in a way that reflects your rich life.

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