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These Luxe-Looking IKEA Lights Are So Chic — And Less than $35

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When it comes to home decor, there’s nothing more thrilling than bagging gorgeous-looking pieces at bargain prices. You may need an item that is not immediately recognizable as an IKEA item that you have. Hack it and make it your own. Finding elusive needles in haystacks takes time, patience and know-how. Luckily, I’ve done some serious research and unearthed an extraordinary collection that’s mostly under the radar. IKEA SOLKLINT lighting range.

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In my opinion lighting should always be functional When good looking. Every home needs a lot of lights and light bulbs because every room needs multiple light sources for optimal use. This can quickly become very expensive. But not SOLKLINT. Incredibly, these attractive, vintage-inspired brass and fluted glass beauties sell for less than $35 each, whether you choose them or not. hanging pendant, ceiling lamp, wall sconceAlso Desk lamp style.

Fluted glass ornaments instantly add flair, character and vintage charm to your space. Combine that with a fancy brass base and you have Solklint Collection It’s also packed with features, and there’s a budget solution for just about any space that reaches a whole new level of chic. these lights But it’s not just about looks. When switched on, it emits a soft, moody glow that casts an intriguing pattern of shadows around the room thanks to its transparent glass shade with a slight greyish tint. IKEA describes these lights as ‘little gems’ and they are just that.

Whether you need lighting by your bedroom bedside, living room table, entryway, or overhead in your kitchen or bath, sol clint light Ready to work in style. Bottom line here: hook one (or all!). these lights Because I predict that once this collection is discovered, it will fly off the shelves.

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