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These Are the Top Christmas Tree Trends of 2022, According to Experts

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Thanksgiving is officially over, so it’s time to officially set up your Christmas tree…if you haven’t already. Thanks to the rise of the viral DIY trend and a plethora of holiday-focused retailers, the days when picking fresh wood from farms and warehouses was the only option are over. The 2022 Christmas trees are endless, but what are the Christmas tree trends this year?

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To find out, Riverbend Home Based on historical site traffic and consumer purchases, we’ve compiled a list of the latest Christmas tree trends and tips. See three insights below.

According to Riverbend’s research, many shoppers are opting for super-tall trees this year, buying Christmas trees that are a whopping 9 feet or more. short ceiling? no problem. The company reports that people are buying multiple trees to turn their homes into winter wonderlands.

Save space with unique placement

Placing a Christmas tree in the living room is a classic option, but not the only option. Especially if you live in a small apartment or condo. In this case, Riverbend says space savings are key. From the corner of the room to the bedroom, don’t be afraid to put the tree in unconventional places.

Fake Christmas trees remain a popular option in 2022. Yes, please! You can save money and promote sustainable holiday decorations by being able to reuse your artificial tree each year. Plus, if you buy a fake tree, you can put up a rainbow of colors, from pink to navy.

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