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These Are The Top Bedroom Decor Trends For 2022, According to Pinterest

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If you’re like me, you spend a fair amount of time in your room, whether you’re sleeping or just relaxing in your own space. It might be easy to ignore a messy bedroom, but creating a bedroom that reflects you and your aesthetic can instantly lift the mood. What are the trends in one room?

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expert in mattress next day predicted the top four bedroom trends for 2023, analyzed the hottest Pinterest trends and TikTok hashtags, and consulted various interior designers. If you’re looking to refresh your space this year, read on to learn more about the hottest bedroom trends.

please look: Books, guitars, moody colors, vintage furniture

Inspired by New York City apartments in the fall and winter, the trend for Downtown Girl is to create spaces that are modern and functional while incorporating utilitarian materials like concrete and wood.

please look: black, blue, purple, gaming chair, strip lighting, smart bulb

Cyberpunk trends encourage edgy, futuristic home accents while incorporating functional and cozy touches. Don’t be surprised if

Growing trend: Searches for “neutral bedroom decor” are up 100%, searches for “minimalist bedroom” are up 50%, and searches for “rustic bedroom” are up 10%.

please look: Organic fabrics, soft colors and wood accents

The Cool Nature Bedroom uses earthy, muted colors and natural materials (such as wool blankets and bamboo cotton sheets) to harmonize with the natural world and create a relaxing environment for optimal sleep habits.

Growing trend: Searches for “romantic dark bedroom ideas” are up 100% and searches for “moody bedroom” are up 90%.

please look: Dark colors, soft lighting, and floral accents

Don’t be afraid to add dark and dramatic hues to your bedroom! The dark romance bedroom trend is perfect whether you’re escaping reality for the night or luxuriating with your loved one. , evokes mystery and warm sensuality.

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