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These Are The Top 2023 Travel Trends, According to Airbnb

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As travel continues to recover after years of pandemic-related setbacks, it’s no surprise that many Americans want to put their passports to good use. do not worry – Airbnbs did you cover

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and Recent reportsa vacation rental platform has analyzed searches made for future check-ins in 2023 to reveal the top 10 travel spots for international travel in 2023.

1st place is Malaga, Spainis known for its great beaches and delicious food. Spain just announced digital nomad visas for international remote workers, so you might even be able to call the 3,000-year-old city home in the near future!

Sydney, Australia 2nd place. The city is home to the world-famous Sydney Opera House, as well as charming seaside destinations such as Bondi Beach and Ku-ring-gai-his Chase National Park.

Sydney is one of three Australian locations to make Airbnb’s 2023 list.In fact, the third melbourne, australiaCoastal towns have everything trendy, from eclectic nightclubs to a thriving arts scene.

Still looking for travel inspiration? Here are the top 10 trendiest international travel spots for 2023, according to Airbnb data.

Airbnb has also compiled a list of the most popular global destinations searched by guests in 2022. This also included many cities in Australia, Brazil and New Zealand.

You can read the full Airbnb report here.

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