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The Surprising $7 Product That Keeps My Shower Doors Spot-Free for Weeks at a Time

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One thing I was most excited about when I moved into my first apartment. It’s the shower door (it might sound a little silly, but hear me out). Be ready to say goodbye to a life of breezy showers, wet floors, and money spent on shower liners. So when I toured what would become my future home, I almost jumped for joy when I opened the bathroom door and instead of a curtain rod he saw two gorgeous glass doors. I was.It was paradise at first, but I soon found it small Problem: I didn’t know how to keep the door clean. Sure, every time I cleaned the shower doors, they were very clean, but after a shower or two, the soap scum (and hard water stains) came back with a vengeance. I dug deep and found my new secret weapon: Rain X Grass Treatment Spray.

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For those unfamiliar, Rain X is a treatment spray designed to repel water. . . the windshield of the car. Yeah you read that right – this bad boy usually auto care aisle. So how did a car-free city dweller like me come across this product? Right here in Apartment Therapy! A few months ago, I read an article highlighting “Best Cleaning TikToks of 2022.” The video in question highlighted a woman cleaning the shower door (she was very proud to have used the same combination of barkeeper friend and scrub daddy). Unsightly shower spot. I have never ordered so quickly in my life.

After two years of fussing and fighting over shower doors, the only thing that kept me from the solution was the two-day shipping period. I was filled with anticipation. When the Rain X arrived, I wore cleaning gloves and a fan (everytime Ventilate when cleaning), and got to work. After cleaning and squeegeeing the shower door, I sprayed the product onto a dry cloth and began to polish it onto the glass in firm circular motions as directed. I applied a second coat not to miss any areas recommended by. Don’t panic like me. Simply wipe the door again with a dry towel to make the door clear. I stood there, testing its strength, mouth wide open as I watched the polka dots come right out the door. “Where have you been in my life?” is.

Dear readers, I am happy to share with Rain X in my cleaning kit. 4-5 weeks In between shower deep door cleanings, my door stays clean the entire time.that is real handle. Why not try it on your shower door? Rain X is available for just under $7, so you can’t afford to miss it. Sorry, I’ll look for #cleanTok to see what other gems are available.

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