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The Study Mood Board 2.0

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Research is clear and I’m on a journey. Over a year ago, I rolled out my first roll of wallpaper and put together a mood board showing how I envisioned the look and feel of my den. I added siding, painted it green, painted it blue, changed the layout many times. We also converted it into a dining room for holiday dinners, so it’s a little wild to see it take a step back. Our plans to add built-in shelving and pocket doors led to the decision to repaint it again. . I figured it would be better to take a complete step back and get my vision straight while everything was set up and ready to go.

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chandelier | | picture light | | mural | | office chair | | table | | floor lamp | | accent chair | | Side table

Of course, there are many elements that remain the same. mural wallpaper (naturally), bubble chandelierand the table These are all part of the current ensemble, but have exchanged some elements that seem to graduate research into a more advanced and sophisticated space.

of main desk chair We’ve been using upholstered dining chairs, which are less than ideal.officially upgraded rolling desk office chairlooks like the most comfortable and cushioned chair I’ve ever seen.

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again, sling chair We are retired for now.I love them so much, but it’s weird to look down at people when they’re sitting so low to the ground. These velvet upholstered chairs I think it will soften the space with beautiful curves. The cocoa color is “Chef’s Kiss”, but there are many good colors.

I wanted to incorporate a modern touch like lamp It’s actually in our living room right now. A touch of black is sorely needed, brass side table and picture light.

Now you have to decide whether to keep the rug or replace it with another CLJxLoloi rug.

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