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The Scam of Ear Tubes for Kids (and what to do instead if Your Pediatrician pushes them)

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Why putting eustachian tubes in children with chronic otitis media is one of the biggest scams pediatricians have perpetrated on their patients in recent decades.

A tonsillectomy had won an award as the most unnecessary surgical intervention endured by a child at the hands of a medical facility.

For example, my husband had his tonsils removed in the 1970s to alleviate ear problems, as was common practice at the time. Tonsils are important lymphoid organs of the immune system! Why would you ever do something that could damage your child’s immune system for life?

The easy money maker of removing tonsils was quickly supplanted by myringotomy (the eustachian tube) when parents began to get educated about how useless (and harmful) tonsillectomy really was. .

Did you see how this works?

Deceive the public with a procedure that is not backed by scientific evidence as much as you can, and when it stops working, replace it with another that is equally useless but will continue the gravy train as directed by your doctor.

Am I cynical about modern medicine?

That’s why after one visit with my first child as a ‘well baby’ I never came back….

I took my children to an alternative, functionally oriented doctor for all their healthcare needs from that point forward.

I completed medical promotion very quickly as a new mother in the late 1990s and never looked back after escaping the medical matrix.

Unscience of the Eustachian Tube

Why do pediatricians and ignorant ENT doctors insist on eustachian tubes?

That’s because there is no other tool in your toolbox for treating chronic recurrent otitis media.

Suggesting a eustachian tube is a sign that the doctor knows nothing about the highly effective approach of using dietary modification in combination with non-invasive, non-toxic alternative therapies.

Homeopathic remedies that specialize in ear infections can be especially helpful in this regard.

Tip: Avoid doctors who only work in medicine and surgery bubbles like the plague.

They are brainwashed robots who can only (arrogantly) regurgitate the medical propaganda they were taught in medical school, revealing to the fact that their careers are little more than tools to line the pockets of Big Pharma. I am completely unaware of it.

In other words, they don’t read both sides of medical research to see if what they’re taught is actually true.

What worries me most is that they don’t think for themselves.


Myringotomy is rarely justified

This is the truth about ear tubes.

Controlled studies have shown that if both middle ears are infected and the tube is inserted in only one, the results in both ears are virtually identical. (1)

If that still doesn’t convince you that ear tubes aren’t worth it, get a peer-reviewed International Journal of Pediatric Otolaryngology Report:

Two to five children should be treated with tympanostomy tubes to prevent one child from an attack of acute otitis media (AOM) every 6 months. (2)

So…..is it necessary to surgically insert a eustachian tube in up to 5 children so that only 1 of these children is prevented from having a single episode of otitis media for 6 months?

no thanks!

Long-term risks of ear tubes

Eustachian tubes are virtually worthless and not only are they easy money making for doctors, the procedure has serious long term risks!

The greatest risk is scarring and hardening of the tympanic membrane, which is forcibly perforated during surgery to facilitate drainage.

When this happens, it can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Given that the Eustachian tube has been justified as a way to “protect” hearing from chronic middle ear infections, this is not a bit ironic.

Is today’s speech disorder epidemic at least partly due to ear tube-preferring pediatricians and otolaryngologists?

I think the possibility is high.

One of the best advice on how to deal with middle ear infections is provided by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD.

If your child has an ear infection, we recommend waiting 48 hours before calling a doctor.

There is no immediate treatment of value that a doctor can provide and that you cannot provide yourself. (3)

During that 48-hour waiting period, relieve pain and pressure by:

add heat

Applying warm heat to the affected ear provides immediate relief.

To do this, use a heating pad or a reusable wheat bag (filled with dough and sealed with unmilled wheat grains).

I prefer wheat bags because the heating pad introduces EMF into the head area.

To use a bag of wheat, place it in the microwave with 1/2 cup of water for 1-2 minutes and heat to medium heat.

ear drops

A few drops of warm olive oil infused with garlic on the affected ear provides additional relief. They can be used alone or in combination with heat as described above.

Here’s how to make your own garlic ear drops for maximum potency and effectiveness.

Avoid Aspirin, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen

Pain relievers have long-term health benefits, especially in children whose blood-brain barrier is not yet developed.

For example, acetaminophen use increases a child’s risk of asthma by 40%, even if used only once a year. Using it once a month increases the risk to 540%.

Resist the urge to reach for a bottle of over-the-counter medicine!

try homeopathy

In my experience, homeopathy is especially effective for acute conditions like ear infections.

If your child is prone to otitis media, it’s best to keep these four homeopathic remedies for ear infections on hand.

change your diet

After the immediate crisis has passed, consider changing your diet to prevent future ear infections.

The most common cause is pasteurized milk…both in children and/or nursing mothers. (Four)

Simply removing this one processed food from your child’s diet can make a big difference in this regard.

Click here for local dairy resources It is sold in your area as a healthy alternative to processed versions that induce ear infections.

By ensuring that a healthy ancestral culture continues after families transition to traditional diets, many children will never experience ear infections again, ensuring further improvement. will be broken!


(13) How to Raise a Healthy Child Despite Your Doctor

(2) A systematic review of the effects of myringotomy tubes in children with recurrent acute otitis media.

(Four) traditional remedies for childhood illnesses

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