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The Reveal of The Finished CLJ Studio

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When we originally purchased our home in North Carolina, we fell in love with it for many reasons. One of them is the fact that he had a great room with a separate entrance that was perfect for the team to work in. We were very happy until the town informed us that we could not let our employees work outside. At the time, this was devastating and frustrating, but we turned around and rented a temporary office space just down the street. It was a quick and easy solution, and the office lease had basic furniture and everything we needed, but we weren’t impressed. We knew we needed to find a more permanent solution. After months, secondary temporary office locations and backordered furniture, the new Chris Loves Julia Studio is finally complete.

team room

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This is what we call the team room. He currently has eight employees (and more to come), but with more, he’ll need to arrange his desks a bit more (laughs). Originally, when we announced we were moving into a new office space, it was going to be located on the first floor, but we’ve upgraded several levels and now it’s full of trees and has lakeside views. I was. It is very nice.

With an office totaling around 2000 square feet, we weren’t given a lot of freedom over design decisions, but we were able to make the most important decisions, such as the use of the new Faye flooring line with Stuga.

white desk | rolling chair | gold trash can | CLJ runner | fake tree | planter basket | Credenza | frame tv | digital art | rattan lamp

After purchasing our home in 2021, we were so busy laying new hardwood floors before we moved in that it was one of the most stressful parts of the entire renovation. We flew across the country to approve the spot stain white oak color, but were disappointed with the choices and returned to the drawing board with a tight deadline.flooring gigantic impactful and costly, Love that. After some trial and error, it worked.

we started working together Stuga We offer wood flooring in perfect shades inspired by modern home flooring. It took a while, but we made it! Hooray! ! ! And that’s what I love most about our new office.

history with us Stuga It dates back to when I renovated the cabin in the Idaho Mountains. Their Scandinavian hardwood flooring completely transformed the cabin and we were totally mesmerized by its amazing wood variety and unmatched durability. We then installed Ingrid flooring in our Modern Cottage home because we knew that if it could withstand the snow and wet boots in our cabin, it would last a lifetime.

Of course, then Stuga Taking inspiration from our wood floors, we offered to co-develop and create artificial wood flooring for our customers. We didn’t hesitate.

modern metal frame | globe lamp

I’m totally obsessed with how they look in their new office space and I’m a little envious that they’re not in my own home (shhh).

conference room

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Every Monday morning we meet in the conference room for meetings, but we also have many breakout sessions throughout the week.

Julia’s office

I have weekly 1:1 meetings here with my team members. I love working closely with my team, but it’s nice to have my own space to make design decisions or jump on the phone.

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velvet lounge chair | blue/sundrag | rolling laptop desk | transition artwork | modern floor lamp


brass soap sensor pump station | brass paper towel holder | Frame Creative Banner (Vintage)

The kitchen is one of our favorite spaces. Because we have everyone’s favorite drinks and snacks.


Rest rooms

Modern metal frame in brass | banquet | bistro chair | bistro table | wallpaper | Artwork (vintage)

We are looking forward to the arrival of this chaise longue and it just arrived last week. I am so in love. It’s nice to have a lunch break here, but if you need more secluded space than a desk, everyone is free to bring their laptops and cellphones and work here.

Shop in the CLJ break room

of fae collectionNamed after our middle daughter, this hotel strikes the perfect balance between modern livability and timeless style. Faye has a subtle swirling grain pattern and subtle knots that add to its stylistic versatility. The neutral brown shade is the perfect natural brown to add warmth to any space. Details of Faye flooring include:

  • Solvent-free acrylic urethane ultra-matte finish (most durable finish)
  • Locking system (float, staple, or adhesive approved) Installation guide)
  • 1/8″ wear layer (can be sanded and refinished twice if needed)
  • 78 3/4″ L x 6″ W x 5/8″ H
  • 19.5sf/carton (6 boards per box)
  • A custom stair nosing that transforms a space. show options

Frequently asked questions about Faye flooring

question: Can I order a sample?
answer: You can order a small quantity of free samples or pay $25 to 2ft x 3ft sample.

question: What makes this flooring different from other engineered hardwood flooring?
answer: Stuga engineered wood floors have been working for over 80 years. We source only the best and most sustainable materials that will last a lifetime.learn more about them Here you will find an unparalleled structure.

question: What is the installation process like?
answer: Traditionally, the industry standard for flooring is tongue-and-groove connection systems, but Stuga’s locking system ensures your flooring will stay in place for years to come. For more information, install here.

question: I ordered a free sample and I really like it, but I’m worried about ordering it. Any hint?
answer: Stuga has 3D tools landing page If you want to take a closer look. But in my opinion, this flooring is a very classic, traditional yet modern choice.they also have Financing available If you want to pay over time.

Thanks to Stuga’s kindness, we held a “one room present campaign”! Enter for your chance to win $1500 towards CLxxStuga Faye Flooring!

If you have any other questions, write them in the comments section below. We will answer as soon as possible.

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