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The Plant I Put in My Shower That Makes My Bathroom Smell Amazing

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Whenever I have the opportunity to add plants to my space, I tend to take it. It’s especially satisfying when plants not only provide an aesthetic upgrade, but they also provide a functional upgrade. If you like the affordable hack of hanging eucalyptus in your shower (don’t forget this important step), you might be interested in trying out a new kind of natural diffuser. If you’re growing herbs in , there’s a good chance you already have so many herbs that you don’t know what to do with them.

Mint, especially peppermint, is one of the most fragrant herbs. It is also one of the fastest growing herbs and This Instagram reel Content creators are making copious amounts of mint an air freshener by putting cuttings in the shower. As creator Claudia Messenger points out, “Mint has no respect for itself or for others.” I was thrilled to find another use for my mint and had to try it.

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For the most fragrant mint, harvest often and keep plants and cuttings short.

Compared to the eucalyptus shower hack, the shower mint scent is not as strong, but still pleasant. If you’ve already grown mint yourself, you may have noticed that the longer the mint gets unruly, the weaker the flavor. It is recommended. Keeping herbs short will give you the best aroma effect.

Be careful with the amount of mint you use.

Mint sprigs are much smaller than the long eucalyptus stems you buy from Trader Joe’s, so be careful how much you use in the shower. At first I bundled it up and hung it behind the shower head, but the more I added, the more fun the mint shower became.

It doesn’t require a breeding stand, but it will make the twigs last longer.

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