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The Plan for my Daughter’s “Big Girl” Room

by Contributing Author

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but for some reason my young child wants a big girl’s room. Time runs fast, I can never get over it. But I’m digressing…

What you should know about my daughter is that she is an Aries child through and through. She was born into this world quickly and furiously, knowing exactly what she wanted from her first day. And once she decides she wants something, there’s no stopping her.

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soon?recently it something It became a bed for a big girl. That’s the only thing she’s been asking almost obsessively for a while. In fact, the moment she decided that her cot was no more, she insisted on sleeping in our office-cum-guest room (here – hahaa). She’s been sleeping comfortably on that daybed for the past few weeks. It gave me an opportunity to update her space.

These are some old pictures of her nursery school (You can watch the whole thing here if you want), but these two places remain the same (of course, her bookshelf has aged with her and no longer looks quite the same – but you get the point!)

The goal is to use as much of her existing work as possible while also breathing new life into the room and allowing you to truly make your space your own. It makes you feel a little more grown-up, but still whimsical and playful.

photograph: Heidi Lau | Design: Lark & ​​Linen

Wallpaper, pendants, dressers, mirrors, lamps, side tables, art, bookshelves all stay. A crib is also available, of course.and a chair (oh This chair!) moves into the basement playroom.I Love This chair is very comfortable (I can lay almost flat!) and is still in perfect condition. I felt like this was the right choice, so I set aside a place for her husband and I to hang out while her daughter played (yes, she’s still a barnacle ‘baby’ and is usually our prefer to be near each other).

Here’s my official plan for giving my daughter a “real” big girl’s room.who she can grow up with (*tear*) big of.

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