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The One Thing I’m Glad I Did When Designing My Daughter’s Room

by Contributing Author

In case you missed it, I’m officially designing my daughter’s “big girl’s room” (check out the design scheme here if you’d like!) It’s wild. In my mind she is still “this”.But apparently it’s time other It’s planned (*excuse me*). And I deliberately designed her nursery for her growth, which never was. TRUE i figured i would actual Face this stage of life. At the time, it felt like I was planning to:the way) in the distance-I never have– about to happen future.

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But sadly it’s here after 3 1/2 seconds – apparently… I’m not going to lie, I went through a bit of a grief phase at first, but now I’m so excited for her. She has been requesting to get out of her crib/crib for a while and she feels so great that she was able to make it happen for her.we made a lot We’ll keep you posted on our progress regarding her space since we last updated.

But all of this got me thinking about one thing I always do when designing kids’ rooms, but I’ve never really shared.and it is To really make sure you are designing the space for the long term.

Believe me, I know firsthand that it’s so charming and detailed that it makes me want to decorate a child’s room with baby bunnies…but the reality is, these little blobs grow out of these spaces. So quickly. As the saying goes, blink and you’ll miss it.

So my favorite way to design a child’s room is Make sure your base layer exudes a timeless classic vibe. To do that, you’ll need to procure items that are actually useful. each Stages of life (not just the beginning).Dressers, rugs, wallpaper/colors… Once that’s done, I after that I like to layer on sickeningly sweet details. There’s cute art, adorable toss cushions in sweet fabrics, tiny little boots, blankets, meaningful shelf chotches, and more. all It’s fair game here. These are all things that you can easily switch between later.

With that in mind, now that our daughter is out of her crib, we want her to really beautiful “big girl” bed (this is here!) As far as I know, it’s something she will have for the rest of her life.that is that’s all Furniture items that had to be replaced in order to completely redecorate the space for her. all Everything else is left as is.update has been done So Seamless so far.

Layla Grace, a supplier of the most beautiful timeless and classic furniture, for generously gifting us with our daughter’s bed. I like that it has a delicate and feminine impression, but does not have an excessive saccharine feel. Of course, I’m open (and encouraging!) for my daughter to discover her own style, and I secretly admit that I love the concept of her daughter getting out of bed in childhood and going home with me for the first time. Oh romance! And even if she eventually decides it’s not for her, I’m not too bad with wear. So this is a work I already know will be loved for decades to come. I am happy to be given as an eternal home.

We’re so close – I’m excited to have the office back (lol), and I’m looking forward to our girls starting to enjoy the big girls’ room eventually.

Thanks to Layla Grace for working with me on my daughter’s bedroom. And thank you for supporting my partner <3

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