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The Most Brilliant Space-Maximizing Ideas from Families Who Live in Small Homes

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Who better to steal small space inspiration than a family who actually lives in a tiny house? The best organization and furnishing ideas for even large spaces!) come from real family homes. From the genius Murphy bed, to the closet to the bedroom, to his three-story bunk bed, here are his eight best space-maximizing ideas from this year’s house tour.

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This amazing door opens Murphy bed

A family of four lives in this 450 square foot English home. Apart from the very colorful details, it is inspired by clever use of small spaces to accommodate the whole family. One of her coolest things in the house is Murphy her bed where her parents Sophie and Rob sleep. Designing a bed when she couldn’t find one she liked enough to buy, instead of folding Murphy actually designed the door to her bed. It swings open to act as a privacy wall and at the same time create another sleeping space.

These ingenious bunk beds

Oh, did you think I’d share just one genius little space hack from Sophie and Rob’s house? No, these bunk beds are too good to pass up. Just like their parents, their children needed sleeping zones that fit into tight spaces, so the couple created playful, modern bunk beds in a room that might be the size of some people’s closets. But it works perfectly for them.

Accommodating a family of five in a 600-square-foot New York apartment is no small feat, but Heather and Michael nevertheless use the space purposefully and aesthetically. One of the biggest takeaways from their home is the use of vertical storage throughout, as exemplified by the wall-mounted bookshelves. Homes with a larger footprint might opt ​​to hang the artwork above the sofa and add a bookshelf elsewhere, but at just 600 square feet, this corner bookshelf saves wasted wall space. Use it wisely.

You’ve probably heard of closets (closets turned into offices), but what’s even more difficult is squeezing an entire bedroom into closet space. Amazingly, Kissenia and Kim managed to do just that at their studio in the Bronx, New York. “I converted what I thought was a traditional studio walk-in closet into my son’s bedroom. , created a bed frame for a toddler bed.The second time I remodeled a twin loft metal bed, it fit perfectly in the space.Now I’ve repurposed the IKEA TROFAST frame for kitchen storage and a new coffee table. Did.”

A little easier than turning a closet into a bedroom, as Marika and Duran did in their Brooklyn apartment, is turning a bedroom nook into a nursery nook. She turned it into a little nook in the house, which is definitely a hidden gem and you can’t see it from outside the room when the door is open (plus). I like it because it gives a small space a sense of character and belonging.”

With five people sharing 1,110 square feet in New York, creative storage and furnishings are key. “We try to buy furniture that doubles as storage,” says Megan Zietz. For example, “Her bunk bed for kids also has storage drawers for organizing toys. We’re definitely maximalists, but we try to avoid unnecessary clutter. Everything We have a house designated for and are as organized as possible.”

see through wall divider

Sure, you could opt for a classic IKEA KALLAX unit to divide your studio apartment, but a black glass room divider (with tons of storage) opens up even more space. “My favorite product is her VITTSJO glass storage from IKEA,” says Gaby Neira of her 450-square-foot studio she shares with her partner. It doubles as a book vault and home to a mini botanical collection. ”

Small wall-mounted desk and underbed storage

When life gives you a piece of a wall, use it to mount a desk that fits your exact proportions while also providing some storage. Michal Koraczkowski When Trevor Kuhn Done in a 300-square-foot New York studio, and sneakily built underbed storage in the form of coordinating baskets, things are still neat and tidy.

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