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Like many creators, my business started over 15 years ago on my kitchen table, handcrafting home decor and painting furniture until dawn. At first, I wanted to be able to build something while the kids were asleep, or make something cute, but as time went on, I found myself doing what I love in a creative business. I really wanted to be able to grow and celebrate my family financially. I started selling at craft shows and markets, stepping into multi-vendor booths and eventually becoming a retailer.Here is kitchen table creative club Come in and help other small, creative business owners.

I made many mistakes along the way. I was lucky to have some close friends, and I was able to figure things out with them when situations arose. I know the questions I need to ask. I don’t know what I need to know.wanted a way To share information with other creatives who want to know more.

Whether you are a handmade maker graphic with a woman working on a project

For the past three years, I have been doing business consulting for small creative businesses such as artists, manufacturers and retailers. It was spectacular and set something on fire in me. I started asking myself how I could help more creative business owners of all ages and locations. No one is too young or too old to start/work on a creative business. We also welcome all creative businesses, not just those listed.

I know you are a talented woman working on a project

I found myself really passionate about it.this is why i am starting This is the kitchen table creation department. The name is a tribute to where most of us start our work. How do I get my handmade items delivered to the boutique? I want to paint furniture but need to sell it in my booth? How can I start wholesale? I love doing a lot, how can I narrow it down?

Our free newsletter also features other makers, artists, creatives of all kinds, and shop owners who are working hard and succeeding in the game, and will give you great advice. Sign up for free Join our weekly newsletter and club!

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