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The Game-Changing Pillow That Eases My Back Pain and Helps Me Sleep More Comfortably on My Side (It’s on Sale!)

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During my self-improvement journey this year, I took a closer look at my sleep hygiene and habits, as well as my overall lifestyle. I’m stiff. Part of that is due to my rather sedentary lifestyle and unlucky genetics (I’m so inflexible I can’t even touch my toes).

I used to sleep on my side all the time, but lately my back and hips are complaining, maybe because I sleep like a pretzel. It all snowballed and made my weekly runs (and honestly, even walking around) feel terrible. Become. I’ve been looking for a compact solution to this problem for a while, so when Luna sent me her CoolLuxe Orthopedic Knee Pillow and offered to try it out.

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I was particular about the design as well as the price. At just $24, this orthopedic pillow is designed to fit between your knees so you won’t feel the weight of your left knee over your right all night long. With memory foam, this pillow isn’t so hard that it feels unnatural when you’re sleeping on it, but it’s not so soft that it feels like it doesn’t exist. It strikes the perfect balance. It helps align your spine so you don’t wake up with back or hip pain.

The pillow case is made from breathable, silky CoolLuxe fabric. It’s comfortable, doesn’t get too hot, often throws off the blankets, but the pillows remain. I think this is proof that you don’t sweat.

Overall, I noticed less discomfort in my lower back and lower back. I’ll admit it took a little adjustment to get used to sleeping on pillows — I usually have trouble falling asleep at night when I change my routine, but I’ve been using pillows for a few weeks now. I can’t imagine sleeping without it.

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